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Daily caregiving tips


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My brother is paying a senior home aide and his friends $22,000 per month of my parents' money

I need a reality check about costs. I also wonder if there's any help. I feel like the only sane one. My parents are in their eights, and definitely in cognitive decline, but not in need of actual nurse or doctor care.  The men my brother hired microwave... more


147 answers

I will having a Stem cell transplant for cancer in January and will be needing a caregiver 2 or 3 days a week 8hrs a day to sit and make sure that I'm taking my medication. Some meal preparation and doctors appointments at Northside Hospital.

What will be the average cost for this service?


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What are the best type of meals to make and freeze for an individual?

My mother doesn't eat much and won't cook for herself. What can I make to put in her freezer?


33 answers

How can I help my mother decide which things she can get rid of?

My other has so much stuff and can't seem to part with any of it. 

18 quick, easy and healthy meals for seniors

If you're concerned you or the senior in your life isn't getting enough nutrition, there may be a number of reasons. Perhaps grocery shopping or cooking is too difficult, or meals just aren't as fun to eat alone. Regardless, eating healthy meals is of course incredibly important... more

Natural Ways To Reverse Receding Gums Without Surgery

No. 1 Question for anybody With Réceding Gums Is . . . “Dó Gums Grow Back?”                 <  < < The Answer Is-“Yes THEY Can! ” > > > Sounds like a difficult jób-but it is quite simple-ánd you can do it at home without any... more

New Treatment For Receding Gums Works Longterm

The No.1 Concern for anyone Having  gum recession Is . . . ““Can Gums Grow Back naturally?”   >>> The Great news is - “Yes They Can! ” <<<< Seems like a difficult job - but it is extremely simple - and you can do it at home without painful and expensive Gum Graph... more


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What types of foods are best for a sensitive stomach?

My mother doesn't eat much because it bothers her stomach. What are the best foods for a sensitive stomach?