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Senior care options - assisted living


31 answers

What are the pros and cons of live-in care vs. assisted living?

My elderly grandma wants to live at home, obviously, and we have the potential to hire a live-in caregiver. She's willing to have taxes paid out, etc, but I'm concerned about the legality of the rate of pay. We'd offset part of her salary for room/board... more


20 answers

What qualities do you look for in an assisted living center?

I have started to look for assisted living centers for my mother. Any advice?I just want to be prepared when that time comes.


20 answers

How long do you try to put off moving your parent to an assisted living center?

I really don't want to put my mother in an assisted living center. But she is getting to the point that she needs help. How can I put this off a little longer?

Everything you need to know to become a qualified CNA

If you’re thinking about a career in the medical field, researching how to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a good first step. It can open the door to many other opportunities such as becoming a Registered Nurse or Licensed Nurse Practitioner, and takes just weeks to complete the... more

In-home care vs. assisted living: What's best for your family?

Adults don't all age the same way at the same time, so having an open and honest conversation with the senior in your life can help determine the best type of care to suit their needs. Two common options for seniors who require care are private, in-home care from... more


It’s Not About the Fountain in the Lobby

The decision has been made. All the discussion, negotiation, and stalling is over. A few tears have been shed. But finally, your elderly mom or dad is moving out of the family home. He or she will be going to a facility that offers daily assistance and monitoring.  And... more


17 answers

How can I get my father to socialize?

My elderly father seems really lonely lately.  He calls me and asks me if I just called him when haven't.  I tell him no but ask if he'd like me to come over and visit.  He says ok, only if you want to.  I asked if he wanted... more


Selling the Family Home

Houses have souls.  Well, maybe not shiny-new houses. But houses with patina certainly do. Structures that have sheltered families, absorbed the laughter and secrets of children, harbored keepsakes and witnessed the emotional nourishment of family dinners…such houses become imbued with life.  So, when it comes time to sell the... more