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Child care policies

Raising the voices of caregivers

Caregivers support our families and allow others to go to work, but they often have to battle for respect. Let’s change that. Ten years ago, I helped start the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) because my life has been so profoundly affected by caregivers, beginning when I was just a... more

Care.com Stands with Dreamers

Like so many of you, I am deeply concerned with the decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. As the daughter of immigrants and the first generation in my family to settle permanently here in the United States, this is personal for me. My family first... more

Why We Need to Stop Talking About Work-Life Balance

You don't need to check your personal life at the door when you get to the office. Let's strive for integration. There was something about that image: a teal blazer with a little heart on it. Tammy Duckworth — war hero, Senator, and trailblazing mom — complemented her... more

America Is Better Than This

To me it’s simple: families should not be torn apart by governments, nor should they be detained in camps or cages. My house, my parents’ work, and Tita Rosie: Those are the three telephone numbers I memorized when my family first came to the United States from the Philippines. They... more

What You Need to Know About Daycare Vouchers

With the cost of child care on the rise, daycare vouchers offer financial relief for families in need. When it comes to researching childcare options, there are many factors for parents to consider -- not the least of which is cost. In Care.com’s recent Cost of Care Survey, which included... more


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Hi! I am looking to provide childcare at a workshop I will be hosting after work hours (6-9ish). I have no idea how much to budget for this or what all I would need to provide (e.g. insurance, toys, etc.). Any guidance/advice would be helpful!

We are in the south in a rural area, so I do not know if that will impact any of the responses.

The Best -- and Worst -- States for Child Care, Ranked in Order

Which state ranks the best for child care? And where does your state fall on this list? This week, Care.com introduced the Care Index, the first comprehensive data report on the current state of child care in the U.S., which ranks states based on quality, affordability and availability. The... more


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Baby sitter?

Okay so is this a good site , I have no family just my mom and I don't know anybody really .I'm a single mother and its so hard to find a babysitter 2-3 times a week for small pay .. I feel horrible but its all I can afford... more