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How to Write a Great Caregiver Job Description

Powerful words can attract strong candidates for your caregiver job. Here's how to make sure you set yourself up for success. Whether you’re hiring a home health aide to care for your elderly mother in her apartment or you’re looking to hire a caregiver to work for your small senior... more

How to Find a Babysitter Your Family Will Love

Here's how to identify what you need in a babysitter so that can find the person who's the right fit for your family's needs. Searching for the right sitter is a lot like looking for “the one,” except your sitter has to be even more perfect... more


They just stop responding, and I am so exhausted and frustrated from it. I want to cry!

In the past month 3 separate people searching for care have told me they were VERY interested and I met one, I even went out of my way to tell her all the extra things I would help with, I was very flexible and she seemed %100 ON BOARD with using... more


6 answers

How do you politely talk about wages?

I always am nervous about bringing up the money aspect. I've done so much research on how much the average salary for a full time nanny is and it seems high to me. Roughly $13/hr. So how can I say that I charge $10-13/hr without sounding greedy... more


2 answers

Why can't I see the reviews people wrote for me on my profile?

I have asked and confirmed numerous reviews from past jobs and friends and I still can't see any of the reviews. It claims that I have 0 reviews on my profile.


4 answers

Did I make the wrong decision accepting the 2nd shift job?

I'm a single parent and have been out of work for a while due to personal issues. My family has been financially supporting me when my benefits ran out. And they made it clear I should just take a job anywhere to have income. I've been searching for... more


6 Ways to Help Your Elderly Parent’s Transition to Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are the most obvious choice for an aging parent who can't live alone. However, moving to such facility is arguably the most challenging process for both, the senior citizen and their family. You must remember that moving to an assisted living facility isn’t always the first... more


13 answers

What is everyone paying their housekeepers?

Hello, I am new to care.com and I am noticing some applicants who are sometimes asking $25-$45 (hourly for part time weekly visits) for cleaning (not babysitters who clean as well, but women who only clean). I find this a little outrageous, some college students don't even... more