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Planning for family care

Why We Need to Stop Talking About Work-Life Balance

You don't need to check your personal life at the door when you get to the office. Let's strive for integration. There was something about that image: a teal blazer with a little heart on it. Tammy Duckworth — war hero, Senator, and trailblazing mom — complemented her... more


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How to find caregivers who can help manage a child with diabetes?

My son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and I'm learning it's difficult to find someone willing to learn about how to care for someone with diabetes.  I know I can't be with him 24x7 every single day, but I don't know how to... more

5 Must-Have Nanny Qualifications

Here are five of the most important traits you should look for in the nannies you interview. You're on the hunt for a new nanny. Great! The relationship between a family and their nanny is one that can be quite rewarding. But not all nannies are created equal. What... more


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What information am i allowed to collect from a care giver/nanny when she is taking care of my kids at my home so I know they are safe and I have the required information in case of an emergency? Is it ok to take a copy of their driver's id?


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How many hours should a 16 year old work during the week?

My son has been working a couple of afternoons a week. He averages about 8 hours. Now he wants to increase the time he spends at work. He is thinking about trying to handle his school work plus 20 hrs of work a week. Is this too much? I still... more

Backup Care: 6 Options for When Your Plans Fall Through

Take the anxiety out of planning and avoid last-minute scrambling with these solutions for backup child care. Reliable child care is important to every parent. It puts your mind at ease and enables you to focus at work, knowing your children are being cared for in a safe space. When... more

10 Signs of a Safe Day Care

Keep these safety factors in mind when making your day care selection. There are many factors to consider when looking for a day care for your child. But safety should always be at the top of your list. There are safety standards for things like licensing, child proofing, staff-to-child ratios... more

What Is the Fair Care Pledge?

Care.com, NDWA and Hand in Hand have teamed up to help strengthen the family and caregiver community.At Care.com, we're committed to solving the care challenges that impact families, caregivers, employers and care service companies. One of those challenges is ensuring caregivers have the support, resources and... more