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Planning for family care


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How to find caregivers who can help manage a child with diabetes?

My son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and I'm learning it's difficult to find someone willing to learn about how to care for someone with diabetes.  I know I can't be with him 24x7 every single day, but I don't know how to... more

Why We Need to Stop Talking About Work-Life Balance

You don't need to check your personal life at the door when you get to the office. Let's strive for integration. There was something about that image: a teal blazer with a little heart on it. Tammy Duckworth — war hero, Senator, and trailblazing mom — complemented her... more

Child care assistance programs by state: How to find out if you qualify

Among the many expenses you will incur as a parent, the cost of quality child care is one of the most necessary but also among the most costly. Working families in the U.S. are increasingly feeling the pinch of paying for child care. In fact, the cost of infant... more

5 qualities to look for when hiring a nanny

You're on the hunt for a new nanny. Great! The relationship between a family and their nanny is one that can be quite rewarding. But not all nannies are created equal. What does your family need? Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, authors of The Nanny Diaries, suggest finding someone... more


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Back-up Child Care

My husband and I both work full time, and my mother watches my son. While my job is usually flexible enough if she has an emergency & cannot watch my son for whatever reason, there are times when neither my husband nor I can take off of work if we... more


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What information am i allowed to collect from a care giver/nanny when she is taking care of my kids at my home so I know they are safe and I have the required information in case of an emergency? Is it ok to take a copy of their driver's id?

Here’s when babysitters need to get a contract and what to include

When you start working as a babysitter for a family, there’s a lot to discuss in advance: everything from payment to house rules to emergency procedures. While a written agreement isn’t always necessary, if you sit for a family on a regular basis, drafting a contract can help you and... more


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Why Cant I Message A Care Provider

HI Everyone, This might be a silly question, but I am trying to hire a babysitter and every time I go to click on her profile to send her a message, there is no option to send a message. Am I Missing something? Help is appreciated!!