They just stop responding, and I am so exhausted and frustrated from it. I want to cry!

In the past month 3 separate people searching for care have told me they were VERY interested and I met one, I even went out of my way to tell her all the extra things I would help with, I was very flexible and she seemed %100 ON BOARD with using... more

Introducing CareChat: A New Tool to Help Families Hire Caregivers

CareChat helps you connect with care providers by phone while keeping your personal number private. You've posted a care job and received a bunch of responses. You’ve read through the applications and identified the candidates that you think sound promising. Naturally, you want to learn more about them. As... more


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Why can't I see the reviews people wrote for me on my profile?

I have asked and confirmed numerous reviews from past jobs and friends and I still can't see any of the reviews. It claims that I have 0 reviews on my profile.


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Did I make the wrong decision accepting the 2nd shift job?

I'm a single parent and have been out of work for a while due to personal issues. My family has been financially supporting me when my benefits ran out. And they made it clear I should just take a job anywhere to have income. I've been searching for... more

The 10 Best Mom Blogs for San Francisco Moms

Meet the mom bloggers who bring humor and heart to parenting in San Francisco. Looking for new family day trips? Want to build the perfect capsule wardrobe? Need advice on the ins and outs of local summer camps? San Francisco mom bloggers, to the rescue!  Mom blogs are always... more


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Constant notifications for unread messages, but nothing is there?

Hello,  Does anyone else get notifications for alerts and/or messages, but when you click to view you don't see anything new? But then when you sign back in, it still says there is an unread message/alert?


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I'm going to have a phone interview with a parent regarding a semi-nanny position, What are some questions I should ask?

help!!! I have never had a phone interview. thanks!!


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How often does the % response rate update?

how often does the % of messages an applicant has responded to update? mine has been set for days, despite answering each incoming message within the hour.