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The Ultimate Household Chore List

Having trouble keeping your house clean and organized? Here are 60 house chores you can do to keep your home sparkling. Show of hands: Who loves having a clean house? Now another show of hands: Who enjoys having to do the chores that'll keep your home clean? Even though we all... more


6 answers

House Cleaning Price

What is a reasonable price for a 5 bedroom 2 bath house? Two levels. We need just 2 bedrooms picked up, organized and vacuumed. Kitchen cleaned and mopped. Maybe do dishes if there are dishes that need done. Need counters, oven, stove, microwave and table cleaned. Have a dishwasher. Living room... more


32 answers

How do you get hard water stains off of a glass shower door?

Our master bath shower door is a beast to clean. How can I get rid of the hard water stains?

Natural Disinfectant Options for Cleaning

Keep your home clean and green with these oh-so-earth-friendly choices.Two words are about to solve a few of your top problems as a parent -- natural disinfectant.You spent the afternoon making the latest, greatest play dough recipe that Pinterest has to offer. Everything went great -- until your tot licked... more

Think You're a Neat Freak? Here's Where People Pay the Most for Housekeeping

These are the U.S. cities that spend the most money on making -- and keeping -- their homes clean and tidy. Picture this: Your living room floor, free of children's toys and assorted homework assignments.  A bedroom, any bedroom, minus those massive piles of laundry that loom menacingly in... more


5 answers

What is the best way to get stains out of tile grout?

We have white tile in our bathroom with a very light white grout. My daughter spilt a cup of Hawaiian punch in the bathroom. Now I have pink looking grout stains in my bathroom. What can I use to get them out?


5 answers

What songs are on your cleaning day playlist?

One of my friends emailed me today and asked for recommendations on cleaning songs. She said her bedroom needs a good cleaning, but she can't get motivated and she's hoping music will help. I gave her a few suggestions, but what songs do you play on cleaning day... more


5 answers

Which shower head can I use to replace my existing shower head so that it will help save water?

I want to learn different ways I can save money and save the environment. What is the best shower head to use if you are looking to save water but still want to take a good shower?