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    What are some dessert ideas that aren't sugary?

    Somehow, we got into the habit of eating cookies, brownies or something sugary after dinner. I was challenged by a friend to cut out desserts, but this one habit is really hard to break. Even my daughter is hooked. Are there any sweet treats we can enjoy that aren't ...

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    What snacks can my 6 year old make herself?

    I'm totally not ready for my daughter to grow up, but she does need to start being more independent. For instance, I was on the phone with my mom today, and my daughter kept pestering me to make her a snack. So we're prepared if that happens again ...

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    What can I do to stop nightmares?

    My daughter has never had nightmares before until last week. She woke up screaming around midnight one night. I comforted her and stayed with her until she fell back to sleep, and everything was fine until last night. She had another bad dream. How do I get the nightmares to ...

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    Is there something causing my to have to go to the bathroom frequently?

    She's told me she constantly has to pee - I don't think she has a bladder infection. She doesn't have pain with urination but seems to have a very small bladder. She's constantly going to the bathroom. This is something that has probably just started in the ...

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    Do You Use Essential Oils? If so, You May Be Poisoning Your Kids

    Turns out that natural remedies may not be so safe after all.

    According to HealthDay News, a Tennessee poison center recently reported that, between 2011 and 2015, calls regarding toxic exposures to essential oils doubled. What's worse? Four out of every five cases involved kids.


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    Essential oils are extracted ...