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10 child discipline methods that work, according to experts

Pop quiz: Have you ever asked your child, oh, a dozen times to do something, and they act as if you’re a mere rustle of wind in the trees? (“Time to come inside for dinner, Timmy!” **crickets**) Or better yet, have they ever blatantly — aggressively! — defied you... more

How to discipline a toddler: 9 expert-backed methods that work

As adorable as toddlers are, their behavior can sometimes feel like the opposite. The tantrums, the flagrant disregard for directions, the needing to do everything “by myself.” It’s enough to drive any parent or caregiver crazy! Here’s a hot tip, though: The maddening behavior? Totally normal. “Toddlers are just... more

18 fun behavior charts for motivating kids

When parents set out to use a behavior chart for kids, they have the best intentions. The goal, obviously, is to curtail inappropriate, frustrating or even aggressive behavior. However, even when behavior charts start off strong, they often wind up leaving everyone back where they started. According to Annelise Cunningham... more

Only-child syndrome: Real thing or unnecessary worry?

Of all the worries parents raising one kid can possibly have, here is one we can definitely release: fear of “only-child syndrome.” It’s not a thing! But thanks to the man who coined the term, 19th-century child psychology expert Granville Stanley Hall, only children have long been labeled with... more

Dealing with difficult child behavior? 6 ways to keep your cool

When your 2-year-old throws a temper tantrum at the playground or simply doesn't listen, does it make you want to scream? Some days, your kid's behavior can push you to your limit. But, it's important to stay calm and keep your cool. Although it may seem like... more

20 ‘girl power’ quotes for raising confident girls

From the time we’re born, we’re taught that girls and boys are different. We see it everywhere: the baby clothes aisle where one side is pink and the other side blue, the toy store where the trucks and dinosaurs are kept separate from the dolls and art supplies, the tea... more

How to tell kids about divorce in the most loving, compassionate way

It’s probably the most painful conversation you will ever have as a parent: breaking the news to your kid(s) that you and your partner are separating. So how do you explain divorce to your child? What’s the most loving and supportive way to have that conversation? “The one thing... more

101 random acts of kindness ideas to do with your family

Random acts of kindness ideas are all around us, from volunteering at your local food bank to helping an elderly neighbor move some furniture. These small acts are a great way to teach kids the importance of kindness and bring the family together around the holidays or any time of year... more