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‘Calmhousing’ and other genius play tips for stir-crazy kids

Shouting and bouncing off the walls with energy is normal kid behavior even during the best of times. But several months into a pandemic, kids have fewer outlets, so their bouts of play-fighting and running through the house are at an all-time high. Luckily, one Reddit parent has a creative... more

10 parenting podcasts to help you laugh, learn and feel seen

In a life absolutely overflowing with responsibilities, listening to a podcast can feel like an escape — a few moments of enlightenment through passive listening. Podcast time is even better if you can fit it in during a walk outdoors or a bubble bath for the ultimate self-care indulgence (as indulgences... more

Parents swear by this popsicle trick to soothe overwhelmed kids

While kids may be small, they’re capable of having big feelings. It’s not unusual for young children to throw tantrums when they’re trying to work through anger or stress, and it can be difficult for kids to cope when they’re anxious, excited or overwhelmed. Tough emotions have only been exacerbated... more

14 daylight saving memes for parents that are both funny and painful

It’s finally fall, and parents everywhere know what that means: Time to throw a huge wrench into your child’s sleep schedule and start watching the sunset at 4:00 p.m. Oh, goody! Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a state that doesn’t observe daylight saving time, this is... more

How to talk to kids about election 2020 and the ugly side of politics, according to experts

Much ink has been spilled about Americans’ election season stress flying off the charts, and new research shows that kids aren’t immune. A new psychological study, published in the journal Child Psychiatry and Human Development, suggests that children and teens are worried about political issues. It’s a case for parents... more

7 proven ways to get your kid down for a nap — without a fuss

You’re wrestling with your toddler, trying to get them to take a nap, but they're throwing tantrums, making excuses and refusing to settle down. Sound familiar? If you’ve made it to this article, you’re probably looking for some solidarity, sanity and maybe just a little peace and quiet. Just... more

Parents are struggling to get 'feral' kids back on track this fall

The back to school season isn’t easy for parents during a normal year, but this year, COVID-19 is making the transition even more difficult. Many parents are finding it challenging to navigate the new normal. Take, for example, one frantic parent from Omaha, Nebraska, who recently wrote in to Slate... more

How to know when your kid's old enough to stay alone

Being able to leave your child home alone is an exciting milestone. Independence! Freedom — for all! But it can also be nerve-wracking. The potential for things to go wrong is, in a way, in your hands. So practice, preparation and, perhaps most importantly, intuition are crucial. So how do... more