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Death & dying


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Cash Loan while on Medi-Cal

Does getting a cash loan as a lump sum impact Medi-Cal benefits (California)? Does it impact the potential to get SSI for a disability (metastatic cancer)? Some of the loan will be used to pay mortgage. Another portion will be used to fix the roof, plumbing etc. 


62 answers

When do you know it’s time to get help taking care of an elderly parent?

My mom takes up a lot of my time. I'm starting to feel out of balance. Is it time to get some help?

Hospice care at home: 3 questions to consider before choosing it

More than half of all hospice care takes place at home, according to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO). There are benefits to this approach: You’re in the comfort of your own familiar environment, with family and other loved ones. It’s also less expensive. But it’s not for... more


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What day of the week is the least busiest time to travel?

I don't want to send my mother on a plane when it is crazy. When is the best time for her to travel alone?

8 common questions about wills, answered by an expert

When it comes to your last will and testament, you’ve probably got questions — lots of questions — about this important legal document, even if you’ve already created one. We asked Eric J. Lindstrom, an attorney in Edina, Minnesota, who focuses his practice on estate planning, to discuss eight common... more


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Is it selfish to send my mother to stay with my sister?

I need some time alone. And some time to spend with my family? Is it selfish to send my mother to my sister for a while?

What to do when someone dies without a will

Dying without a will: It sounds dire. What happens to the deceased’s assets? And who makes the decisions? Admittedly, the situation is more complicated than if the person hadn’t died intestate — the legal term for the will-less state — but, depending on the nature and size of the estate, it may... more


24 answers

How do you find balance caring for an elderly parent?

My life feels unbalanced. I don't have any me time and feel guilty if I leave my mother alone.