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Cash Loan while on Medi-Cal

Does getting a cash loan as a lump sum impact Medi-Cal benefits (California)? Does it impact the potential to get SSI for a disability (metastatic cancer)? Some of the loan will be used to pay mortgage. Another portion will be used to fix the roof, plumbing etc. 

Yes, a family member can get paid to be a caregiver. Here's how

When mom or dad gets older or gets sick, you want to do everything possible to care for them. But even with the best of intentions, being a family caregiver is extraordinarily hard work. The emotional and financial tolls associated with being a family caregiver are well-documented: According to AARP... more


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How do you sent up a schedule for caring for an elderly parent?

I want to set up a rotation between myself and my siblings to help care for my mother. What is a good rotation when you don't al live in the same area?


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What things are you concerned about when elderly people fly?

I'm worried about my mother flying. I am worried about dehydration. Are there other things I should be concerned about?


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My mother in law moved and changed dynamics

My mother in law moved in 2.5 yrs ago. With some medical issues, mostly manageable. There were no boudaries set for any of us. My wife thought it would be ok. We are currently separated and niether my wife or myself undetstand what happened. I tried creating normalcy after... more


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How often do you take an elderly parent to the doctor for a well visit?

My mother seems find but frail. Should I worry about taking her to the doctor for well visits?

20 Discounts for Veterans

Learn how retired military members and their families can save money with these special offers. Veterans deserve to be praised for their years of service to our country -- a selfless, admirable feat that should never go unnoticed. And not only on Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Businesses know this and... more

Power of attorney: Know the types and how to draft a form

A power of attorney (POA) form is a legal document saying you’re granting someone else (the attorney-in-fact) the power to act on your behalf. The biggest benefit to creating a POA is that it allows you to choose who you want to represent you if you’re unable to manage your... more