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I FIND IT SO AGGRAVATING when I get to the "pay" part of an interview and the applicant says "Nope I work for CASH only and will not give out her SS info etc or allow SS taxes and Medicare to be taken out.  WHat is the general feeling ?


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Can you ask for a back ground check on anyone you employ to come an help with an elderly parent?

I'm worried about hiring some one to help me. I want them to be a good person. 


41 answers

How do I help my father accept help?

My father lives alone and is losing mobility quickly. He wants to remain in his home and living independently. Unfortunately, he is very resistant to assistance from anyone. He doesn't want a housekeeper or someone to assist with errands. I work more than full-time as do my siblings and... more


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How do you go about hiring some one to check in with an elderly parent on a daily basis?

I just need someone to help me check on her. How do you find someone reliable?


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my daddy has early dementia and his health is failing! We have inhouse care for him right now but not sure how long that will last. My question

is what are some steps to take to get ready for a nursing home???


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From where should i buy pride scooter for my Grandfather?

I want to buy pride scooter for my Grandfather, but don't know the place to buy it from. My friend suggested me few useful sites. but I am still confused should I buy from this site or not please suggest.


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Is it selfish to send my mother to stay with my sister?

I need some time alone. And some time to spend with my family? Is it selfish to send my mother to my sister for a while?


24 answers

How can I make it easier for my mother to travel?

What tips do you have for traveling with an elderly parent?