Senior health and wellness

5 top senior nutrition mistakes and how to solve them

My fiance and I were my father-in-law’s only caregivers. He was a man with a very particular palette, who, after years of smoking, didn’t like food that tasted healthy.  We appeased his tastes by serving him his desired dish of grits and eggs for every meal of every day... more

How to help LGBTQ seniors stay connected and supported by their community

Certain aspects of aging can make it challenging for any senior to remain socially engaged and active in their communities. But older LGBTQ adults face a higher risk of social isolation compared to the general population, according to the “Aging with Pride” report by the LGBT+ National Aging Research Center... more

Health warning signs to watch for as you reunite with older loved ones

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept many families apart. Now, as more people get vaccinated and families are able to gather safely, many people are finally reuniting with parents, grandparents and other relatives they haven’t seen, in some cases,  or well over a year. While this is cause for celebration... more

What causes insomnia in older adults and how to address the common sleep disorder

If you or your older loved one are tossing and turning throughout the night, you’re not alone — especially if you watch the news for more than a few minutes. Published research has long found that aging is associated with numerous changes, including changes in sleep timing, duration, and quality... more

When aging parents get needy: How to set boundaries and help them find their bliss

Parents often make us the center of their universe — devoting their money, time and sanity toward making us contributing members of society. But as we grow up and begin to tend to households of our own, the dynamic between parent and child is bound to shift. While a parent’s... more

15 relatable getting older memes that poke fun at the realities of aging

Like it or not, getting older is a part of life. While aging gracefully is definitely the goal, it’s not always the reality. If you’ve ever gotten out of bed and heard your joints create their own symphony or walked into a room and been unable to recall why you... more

Indoor activities for seniors of all ability levels

Whether you’re a family caregiver or a professional, your primary job is supporting a senior’s activities of daily living. But while healthy hygiene and nutrition are important, seniors may also look to you for companionship, engagement and entertainment. This can present a challenge when you’re stuck indoors. But thinking creatively... more

How living like the "Golden Girls" can help older adults thrive

When it came time for Marianne Kilkenny, 71, to decide where she wanted to retire and what her next step would be as far as living arrangement, there was no question in her mind. As a divorced woman with no children, she was determined not to end up living in... more