Senior health & wellness

COVID-19 meets flu season: How seniors and caregivers can prepare

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit seniors hard in 2020. Adults 65 and over have been hospitalized at a rate 5-13 times higher than adults under 30 and are dying from the disease at a rate 90-630 times higher than young adults. When combined with the mental health toll of social... more

Senior voters could decide the 2020 election

The general election is swiftly approaching, but the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage from coast to coast, raising concerns that fears of transmission and confusion around mail-in voting might keep voters at home. But early indicators suggest that older Americans, who have been flagged as especially vulnerable to the novel... more

Black seniors are harder hit by COVID-19 — here's why

In April, a COVID-19 outbreak took place at an Atlanta-based nursing home where almost all residents of the 186-bed facility are Black. More than 120 residents and staff fell ill, according to the Washington Post. This is just one alarming example of many that underlines how the racial divide is... more

Watching my mom care for my grandma shaped the person I am today

When my grandfather woke up two days before my 10th birthday, he knew something wasn’t right. He felt bloated with an incredibly distended stomach and called for my grandma to bring him Tums. He walked down the narrow hallway to meet her and as soon as he made it to... more

More seniors are using cannabis to boost their well-being, but there’s one key risk

After decades of prohibition, cannabis laws are changing rapidly. The drug is currently legal for adults in 11 states and Washington, D.C., while medical marijuana is legal in 33. Now, more seniors — especially male baby boomers — are reporting cannabis use, according to a study published earlier this... more

12 food delivery options for seniors — from prepared meals to groceries

Hot, delicious, nutrient-rich food should be available to everyone — including aging family members and neighbors who may not be up for a trip to the grocery store or elaborate meal prep. Sure, some seniors might want to peruse the aisles of their local grocer before heading home to cook... more

18 quick, easy and healthy meals for seniors

If you're concerned the senior loved ones in your life or those you care for aren't getting enough nutrition, there may be a number of reasons. Perhaps grocery shopping or cooking is too difficult, or meals just aren't as fun to eat alone. Regardless, eating healthy meals... more

Is it safe to take my senior loved one to the hospital during COVID-19?

No matter how far along we get in this global pandemic, it remains challenging to get a grip on everyday routines. Figuring out what to do in the case of an emergency, particularly one involving a senior, can be even more confusing. Faced with concerns around not only your loved... more