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How do you Check in on your aging family and friends?

I have a single parent, living alone, who I could easily go a week without checking in on. To take care of my anxiety around whether or not she's okay, and avoid calling every single day to check in, I'm setting up a service that will send her a text... more

Nursing Homes in America

  From the moment we're born, our parents have the responsibility to watch over and care for us. For most of the first two decades of our life, their objective is to nourish, cloth and keep us safe and warm. Yet, for a growing number of families, there comes... more

5 unexpected ways life changes when you become a caregiver to your parent

I heard about parenting all the time: “Your life completely changes when you become a parent,” my friends would tell me. “You won’t be that into work or parties. You’ll be exhausted and you’ll wear your heart on your sleeve.” Thanks to my girlfriends, I was as prepared... more

40 inspirational quotes for caregivers

If you know the selfless, rewarding life of caring for another person, then you also know how heavy things can get — and that's true no matter whether you're a family member caring for a loved one, or a professional caregiver working with a patient. Sometimes, just a... more

What to do if your senior care aide isn’t the right fit

When you hire a caregiver for your senior relative, you always hope for the best. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Alex S. hired two caregivers to stay with his elderly father, who can’t drive anymore and was having an increasingly difficult time getting around his two-bedroom... more

A rock and a hard place: A family caregiver's account of her mother's final months

Caught between my dying mother and my teenaged son, I felt as if I couldn’t do anything right. Or could I? It was not the best of days. I’d driven home from the airport, exhausted, and had just sunk down into my couch, when my 17-year-old son banged down the... more

Vacationing with senior parents: 5 tips for a successful family trip

So you’ve decided to book a family vacation that includes your aging parents. Now you’re wondering how you can make sure the memories you create on the trip are the kind you’ll remember fondly, and not the ones you’ll want to forget. The answer, according to adult children who have... more


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What day of the week is the least busiest time to travel?

I don't want to send my mother on a plane when it is crazy. When is the best time for her to travel alone?