Salary and pay: Senior caregivers

Caregiver job creep: How to ask for a raise when you're expected to do more work

The past year has brought major changes to the senior care industry. The pandemic forced many caregivers to change how they operate, adding new cleaning procedures and stocking up on additional safety equipment to protect themselves and their patients. Additionally, some long-term care and assisted living facilities are now facing... more

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Senior caregivers: How much should you charge for your services?

You’re almost ready to work with a new client. You’ve done the interview, visited the home and discussed the responsibilities you’ll take on. There’s just one thing: The client wants to know how much you’ll charge for your in-home senior caregiver services.   Figuring out what you should be paid... more

Easy ways for caregivers to negotiate for a higher pay rate, according to experts

Now, more than ever, there’s skyrocketing demand for experienced senior care professionals. A report by GenWorth finds that every day until 2030, nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65, and as many as seven out of 10 people over 65 will require long-term care in their lifetime. As the senior population... more

Why every senior caregiver should consider professional training

If you’re a senior care provider, you help aging individuals with their activities of daily living. You keep them company during your shift, and you care for them like they’re your own family. But to provide the best care and to fully connect with families you want to work with... more

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Simplifying taxes: What senior caregivers need to know about the payroll and tax process

When you take on a job caring for a senior, you probably don’t have the benefit of working with an HR department to address questions about payroll. As a household employee, if you’re making more than $2,300 annually, you must have taxes withheld from your pay, and your employer... more

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9 tips for senior caregivers to ease communication with families

As a key point of contact between families and their loved one, paid senior caregivers play an important role besides providing care: They must be good communicators in order to ensure a smoother, happier experience for the person receiving care, as well as their family.  Yet, communication isn't... more

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Senior care contracts: Why you need one and what to include in it

You have a variety of duties as a senior care provider. From meal prep to transportation to companionship and medication administration, you cover a lot in just a day’s work. You also genuinely care for your clients and want to help make their days easier. To do so, however, you... more

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How to become a home health nurse: Training, pay and job outlook

Theresa Maja-Schultz, a registered nurse, has worked in some of the most prestigious, high-tech hospitals in New York. But her most fulfilling moments as a nurse have involved sitting by a patient’s bedside, helping them get the care that they need in the most comfortable and cozy of all settings... more