Finding senior care

8 questions to make choosing a CCRC easier

If you’re just beginning to dip your toe into the world of senior caregiving, there are several acronyms you’ll find pop up frequently — CCRC being just one example. So what does it stand for? A CCRC is a Continuing Care Retirement Community, which is essentially a residential hamlet for... more

What to include on a daily schedule for adult and senior caregivers

When an adult or senior caregiver comes to your loved one’s home, there are lots of new routines and instructions to learn and follow. You can help familiarize your caregiver with your loved one's schedule right from the start by providing them with a detailed list. A good daily schedule... more

Caring for a senior loved one: How to encourage family participation

Being the primary caregiver comes with its fair share of challenges — not least of which can be knowing when and how to fill other family members in on what’s happening with your loved one, and asking for help when necessary.  “Family members’ involvement helps shoulder the mental and... more

Is non-medical home care right for your loved one?

When it comes to finding care for your aging loved ones, you want to make sure you find the right type of care, as well as the right person for the job. But given that there are a ton of options out there, from in-home CNA care to adult daycare... more

Watch April’s journey to becoming a professional senior caregiver

Divorce, unemployment, a new city: April had a lot of struggles. That’s when she asked herself: “What is within me? What can I do to support my family? And that’s how I became a caregiver.”  Watch her story:   How does care keep you whole? Tell us at #mycarestory. more

This is how much senior care costs in 2019

As Baby Boomers move into their golden years, their adult-aged children are feeling the financial and emotional strain of caring for them, according to the 2019 Cost of Senior Care survey. The first annual survey, compiled with insights from more than 7,500 family caregivers nationwide, showed how... more

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Hiring a caregiver: Should you work with an agency or find your own?

Even though my father was in an assisted living facility, it was clear he needed more support. His dementia had advanced enough that he needed daily help with basic tasks but not enough that he would have been happy in a locked memory care facility. I had to hire more... more

How an Alzheimer’s and dementia social worker can help you

Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia impacts the life of not only the person with the disease, but also the life of their entire family and caregiving team. Social workers can help people with memory impairment and their families navigate all of the different challenges that come... more