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Senior employer/employee relationships


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How much does companion care usually cost?

I'd like to hire a caregiver for my mother, but she doesn't need an in-home nurse or any medical care. How much would it cost to hire someone just to help her go on errands, take her to her piano lessons and keep her company during the week?

Sample Adult and Senior Care Contract

Include these house rules in your contract and then discuss them in person with your new caregiver. Hiring an adult or senior caregiver to help your aging loved one is a big step for your family. You found someone you think is a good match, and you want to be as... more

Comparing In-Home Care and Adult Day Programs

Learn about the differences between in-home care and adult day programs, including what they cost and the type of care they provide.   Nearly half of all older adults need at least some kind of help with everyday activities, according to a 2014 investigation by researchers at the University of... more

Daily Schedule for Adult and Senior Caregivers

Help your adult or senior caregiver plan typical days of activities, meals and medical needs. When an adult or senior caregiver comes to your loved one’s home, there are lots of new routines and instructions to follow. Help your caregiver learn the schedule by giving her this detailed list. Include... more


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What does "request under review" status mean??

The process of background checks is very annoying and confusing to both families and applicants. Many applicants do not understand what to do, so a bunch of time gets wasted with trying to help them understand. Also I get automated emails that don't even make sense. I tried finding... more


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From where should i buy pride scooter for my Grandfather?

I want to buy pride scooter for my Grandfather, but don't know the place to buy it from. My friend suggested me few useful sites. but I am still confused should I buy from this site or not please suggest.


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How outspoken should I be about my mothers new relationship?

My mother is spending a lot of time with a gentleman she met at the senior citizens center. She really likes him and I think the company is good for her. I worry about her getting involved with someone because I do so much to take care of her. Should... more


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Aging caregiver - health issues

My mother (dementia patient, non-verbal, walks with significant support) has had 24/7 care since 2013.  We have three lovely ladies who care for her in her home.  One of them is getting older and having serious health issues, which make me concerned for her health, as well as her... more