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Senior financial planning


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How to provide new caregivers with funds to grocery shop, pick-up items for senior.

Concerned about how to "fund" a carer with money to pick-up prescriptions, grocery shop, etc. Do not want to give seniors credit or debit card. Also don't want to provide blank checks or cash. Anyone have any ideas or experience in this area.


33 answers

How can I help my mother decide which things she can get rid of?

My other has so much stuff and can't seem to part with any of it. 

Watch out for these financial scams targeting seniors — and tips to avoid them

Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of con artists waiting to take advantage of the elderly. Scams aimed at seniors can happen via the telephone, email, online, snail mail or right in their homes. Older adults can be attractive targets because they often have cash from retirement funds and Social Security. Loneliness... more

Power of attorney and guardianship: What’s the difference?

At first glance, durable power of attorney and guardianship might seem interchangeable. But while both are important legal roles that give one person decision-making power over another’s financial, medical and personal matters, there are important distinctions between the two. First, let’s go over the definitions: Guardian/conservator: A guardian or... more

8 common questions about wills, answered by an expert

When it comes to your last will and testament, you’ve probably got questions — lots of questions — about this important legal document, even if you’ve already created one. We asked Eric J. Lindstrom, an attorney in Edina, Minnesota, who focuses his practice on estate planning, to discuss eight common... more

Should you write your own will or hire a lawyer?

If you don’t yet have a last will and testament, you might be wondering if you really need to hire a lawyer, or if you can just create one yourself, given the number of tools — from books to computer software programs to online will templates — available to help... more


¿Cuánto cuesta el servicio de cuidado infantil?

Conoce las diferentes opciones con las que cuentas para el cuidado, lo que significan para tu bolsillo y cómo puedes ahorrar dinero. WALTHAM, Mass.—Por cuarto año consecutivo, la encuesta sobre el costo de los servicios de cuidado de Care.com obtuvo información detallada de más de 1,000 padres... more

What to do when someone dies without a will

Dying without a will: It sounds dire. What happens to the deceased’s assets? And who makes the decisions? Admittedly, the situation is more complicated than if the person hadn’t died intestate — the legal term for the will-less state — but, depending on the nature and size of the estate, it may... more