Senior financial planning


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How to provide new caregivers with funds to grocery shop, pick-up items for senior.

Concerned about how to "fund" a carer with money to pick-up prescriptions, grocery shop, etc. Do not want to give seniors credit or debit card. Also don't want to provide blank checks or cash. Anyone have any ideas or experience in this area.


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How can I help my mother decide which things she can get rid of?

My other has so much stuff and can't seem to part with any of it. 

Best part-time jobs for seniors

While you may think of your golden years as a time to be free from the shackles of work, retirement isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Some seniors find that they can’t live comfortably on their fixed income, while others get bored, lonely or lack a sense of... more


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Should I fly with my mother out to my sister’s house?

I was planning on letting my other fly alone. I am worried I should travel with her to make sure she is safe. 


¿Cuánto cuesta el servicio de cuidado infantil?

Conoce las diferentes opciones con las que cuentas para el cuidado, lo que significan para tu bolsillo y cómo puedes ahorrar dinero. WALTHAM, Mass.—Por cuarto año consecutivo, la encuesta sobre el costo de los servicios de cuidado de obtuvo información detallada de más de 1,000 padres... more


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What things are you concerned about when elderly people fly?

I'm worried about my mother flying. I am worried about dehydration. Are there other things I should be concerned about?


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How do you talk to your parent about a family trust without upsetting the rest of the family?

No one has seen my mother's family trust for a while. How can I talk to her about it without upsetting the rest of my family?


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How can I tell my brother to stop asking mom for money?

My brother has a bad habit of asking my mom for money. How can I tell him he needs to stop before he puts her in the poor house?