Senior financial planning

Financial caregiving: 10 essential tips

Your parents took care of you, and at some point, there’s a very good chance you’ll do the same for them. According to AARP’s May 2020 Caregiving in the U.S. report, more than one in five Americans (21.3%) are caregivers, having provided care to an adult or child... more

32 senior discounts for clothing, food and travel

If you're over 50, you can start cashing in on senior discounts. Many stores offer their senior shoppers some form of a deal, but it's often available only on a specific day or at certain times.  Discounts can change and might vary for national chains, so make... more

How to guides

Yes, a family member can get paid to be a caregiver. Here's how

When mom or dad gets older or gets sick, you want to do everything possible to care for them. But even with the best of intentions, being a family caregiver is extraordinarily hard work. The emotional and financial tolls associated with being a family caregiver are well-documented: According to AARP... more

10 ways to make moving easier for your senior loved one

Whether they’re downsizing to an apartment or taking a room in a relative’s home, moving can be a very challenging event for an aging loved one for various reasons. Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and author of “Aging Joyfully” says that might be in part because the... more

20 discounts for veterans

Veterans deserve to be praised for their years of service to our country — a selfless, admirable feat that should never go unnoticed — and not only on Veterans Day and Memorial Day.  Businesses know this, and countless companies offer military and veteran discounts. Military families, too, can benefit... more

Wallet-friendly senior care resources for those needing financial assistance

This list of affordable senior care resources can help you research and understand what programs and resources are available if the senior you are caring for has limited means. Financial benefits (Medicare & Medicaid) Cash and Counseling Program Contact your local Area Agency on Aging and ask who to call to... more

Best part-time jobs for seniors

While you may think of your golden years as a time to be free from the shackles of work, retirement isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Some seniors find that they can’t live comfortably on their fixed income, while others get bored, lonely or lack a sense of... more

How to be a strong advocate for your elderly parents

It was close to midnight. I was worried, tired and cold. Why are emergency rooms always so cold? A few hours earlier I had brought my 91-year-old father to the hospital because he had a bad infection. I was my father’s health care proxy, designated to make health care decisions... more