Baby Names

Tips for Choosing a Baby Name

There’s so much thought that goes into naming a baby. We asked our staff to share their insights, from the best ideas to the “don’t try this at home” methods. What would you add? Whether you’re Ka...


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    Posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Can Stress Cause Preterm Labor?

    My best friend is expecting her first baby. She is an anxious person by nature and it seems like her pregnancy has brought her anxiety to a whole new level. It doesn’t help that her husband travels for week and she is alone often. Last week she went to her ...

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    Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    How To Name Your Baby

    My list of baby names has gotten larger than I possibly thought it could. I have it down to about 45 names now. That is more than one name for everyday of the month. This baby naming process is so much  harder than I ever though it could possibly be ...

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    What is the best place to research baby names and discover name meanings?

    I'm due in November and I haven't even started thinking about names. We're expecting a girl and there's nothing that I've really settled on yet for a name that I like. Any ideas on how to start the research process?

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    Would it be okay to give my baby the same name as my mother-in-law's dog?

    I had my ultrasound yesterday and the baby is a girl!!! I am thrilled! (I would have been thrilled with a boy too!). Anyway, from the time I was young, I said that if I ever had a daughter, I would name her Isabelle. I still love the name, and ...

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    Do you pick a name based on whether or not people can pronounce it?

    Some of the names we're thinking about and that I like aren't ones that are "typically" easy to pronounce. I was just wondering, should I really consider this and ease of pronunciation for my child in the future?