Pet care employer relationships

Pet sitting insurance: Benefits, policies and costs

If you’re making a living as a pet sitter, there are certain things you need to do to prove you’re the real deal and a professional who takes your job seriously. Launching a website, securing good advertising and having positive customer reviews may come to mind, but even more important... more

This State Could Be the First in the Country to Ban Cat Declawing

State legislator is pushing to ban owners from declawing their cats unless it's medically necessary. A new law may make it illegal to declaw your feline friends -- that is, only if they live in New Jersey. The Associated Press reports that New Jersey would become the first state to officially... more

4 Activities Your Dog Is Sure to Enjoy

Caring for your furry pooch seems like a full-time job as he/she constantly needs your care, love, and attention. Left alone, your best buddy may vent his/her frustration, boredom, and anxiety by chasing other pets, chewing sofas and shoes, raiding garbage cans, and damaging property. Engaging your four-legged... more

Kitties in Paradise: Hawaii's Fuffiest Vacation Destination

At Lanai Cat Sanctuary, hundreds of cats wait to be cuddled! Sun. Sand. The waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing against the beach. Sounds pretty perfect — but for cat lovers, the only thing missing may be some furry felines. Well, you’re in luck! The Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Lanai... more


This Brewery Gives New Dog Parents 'Paw-ternity' Leave

BrewDog offers workers one week paid leave when they get a new dog or puppy. Having a new puppy can be like having a newborn and it can be "ruff" getting used to the long, sleepless nights interrupted by crying and midnight diaper changes – err, I mean bathroom breaks... more

From Painting to Yoga, This Dog Can Do Anything Humans Can

Secret sleds down snowy hills, cleans house and takes hikes.  While everyone knows that their dog is the best, we're pretty sure we found the pup that's the master of nearly everything. Two-year-old Secret is an Australian Shepherd who paints, hikes, cleans the house and even practices yoga. She... more


‘Matchmaker’ Dog Is Maid of Honor at Couple’s Wedding After Owner’s Cancer Diagnosis

The couple, who met 10 years ago while walking their dogs, wed days after the diagnosis, thanks to hospital staff and their dog, Mili. A 12-year-old matchmaker dog that brought her owners together was the maid of honor at their wedding, which was quickly planned after one of the owners was... more

The Best ‘Employee’ at This Nursing Home Is Oreo the Cat

She was a stray before sauntering into the retirement facility.  One of the best ‘employees’ at a Cleveland-based nursing home is a black and white cat named Oreo.  “She’s like our family here. She helps the residents, she helps the employees and we just love her,” said Carmen Delgado, a... more