Pet care employer relationships


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Housesitting and pet care for two weeks, how much to pay?

I have a housesitting position for two weeks. The employer has three dogs and two cats that he would like cared for as well. They are allowing me to stay in their home, but how much should I charge on top of that?


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Why would another dog pee on my dog at the dog park?

My boyfriend and I took his new little puppy (12 week old french bulldog) to the dog park for the first time over the weekend. I thought I was going to have a heart attack from all the cuteness. He was pretty timid, but eventually warmed up to slowly approaching... more


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what to pay a pet sitter for house sitting/overnight stays?

where can I find info on this? Is this type of job an "hourly" job, or can a bulk amount be agreed on?


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i would like to change from seeker to provider - how do I make this change???



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How do I put a new message in on to notify all applicants that I've filled the job?

4 Activities Your Dog Is Sure to Enjoy

Caring for your furry pooch seems like a full-time job as he/she constantly needs your care, love, and attention. Left alone, your best buddy may vent his/her frustration, boredom, and anxiety by chasing other pets, chewing sofas and shoes, raiding garbage cans, and damaging property. Engaging your four-legged... more


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Animal ordinance in Bay County, fl

How many dogs a person can have? Can the city object to how many dogs a family have? Can the city ordinance remove dogs if a person has too many dogs?

Pet sitting insurance: Benefits, policies and costs

If you’re making a living as a pet sitter, there are certain things you need to do to prove you’re the real deal and a professional who takes your job seriously. Launching a website, securing good advertising and having positive customer reviews may come to mind, but even more important... more