Children Honor Class Goldfish With Viking Burial Boat Sendoff

Orkney primary school class sends fallen goldfish to Valhalla in Norse-inspired funeral ceremony. A Scottish primary school class gave its beloved class goldfish a traditional Norse funeral ceremony fit for a Viking. The students at Papdale Primary School in Orkney were studying the Vikings when Freddy and Bubbles perished, according... more

Why We Care: Sarah M., Caregiver for Pets With Special Needs

As part of our "Why We Care" series, we feature Sarah, a special-needs pet caregiver and Millennial champion of vulnerable creatures. One night this past winter, Sarah M. came home to find a package on the doorstep. “There was a shoebox on the porch, so I opened it,” Sarah... more

First Companions: A Partial List of Presidential Pets

Are you a dog person? A cat lover? Maybe neither? These are tough questions, and people have very strong feelings about the issue. Some are adamantly pro-dog, some staunchly pro-cat. Some see the advantages and disadvantages of each. Others like ferrets. This fraught topic is as charged as any political... more

How to Choose a Pet Bird

Choosing a pet bird that's right for you and your family.Thinking about getting a pet bird? Here's an overview of things to consider before making that commitment.I walked into my vet's office and heard a cheery "Hello!" I rounded the corner and found the reception... more