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Special needs pets


40 answers

My 15 y/o healthy dog pis going to be blind in the near future. We would very much like like some advice as the things that we can do around the house NOW, that will make it easier for him to adjust to blindness.



15 answers

13 day old orphan wont eat more than .5oz a day and is always sleeping, is this normal?

I took my Pup to the vet Friday because he's small and doesnt have a mom to help him (runt) I was worried I wasn't taking proper care for an orphan he hates dog bottles barely likes baby bottles and will eat about 5 millimeters of puppy formula... more

The Dog Psychology Behind a Bite or Attack: What Owners Need to Know

  Individuals who have never owned or cared for a dog may have some anxiety about dog behavior and some apprehension about bites and attacks. The media does a good job of showing the violent injuries that are sustained by dog bite victims, particularly against children, but does a very... more


4 answers

What are the best diet dog treats?

My dog is a little on the heavy side.  The kids give him treats all the time and we have had a talk and they know they are no longer allowed to give him 'people food' or treats without permission.  We have switched dog food and no longer let him... more

Best Way to Use a Dog Leash

Owning a dog means having the true equipment to correctly look after them. You should think purchasing a dog training leash to use effectively with your pet. If you are looking for a good quality leash you should search options available online. Be confident to make use of your leash... more

Your guide to pet insurance

Caring for a pet is just as important as caring for a family member for many of the tens of millions of pet owners in the United States. Owners would do anything to ensure their animals get healthy food, plenty of exercise, proper care while they’re away and, of course... more


18 answers

How do I put my cat on a diet?

We just got back from the vet and he said that my cat is extremely overweight and needs to go on a diet.  I am really concerned about her health and feel so bad.  I used to let her free feed and I gave her canned food twice a day... more

Real Story Spotlight: “Watching them recover and become happy in their lives really feeds my soul.

Whitney W., a pet care provider in Portland, OR, tells Care.com about why her love for working with animals. Portland, OR - “When I was little, folks called me the “animal whisperer” because animals loved me. Somehow I just “got” them. It didn’t take long for me to start providing pet care... more