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25 homemade dog treats recipes your pet will love

For the dog owner who is always lovingly seeking out dog-friendly hotels, top-quality pet sitters and the very best dog toys, it’s no stretch to begin baking homemade dog treats for your pup, too. Making DIY dog treats is something you can feel good about, as well. Many store-bought treats... more

10 easy homemade treats your cat will totally love

Enter a caption... Dogs will do just about anything for a treat. Cats? Not so much. Even still, it’s nice to have cat treats in your arsenal for birthdays, special occasions (hello, Hug Your Cat Day) or for those moments when your stubborn kitty needs a little extra motivation. But... more

9 Christmas dog treat recipes

Why should humans be the only ones to enjoy home-baked goodies during the holidays? Here are 9 homemade Christmas dog treat recipes that will fill any pooch's holiday stocking with cheer. 1. Apple mint Christmas dog bones These minty low-fat and low-calorie cookies from Best Dog Treat Recipes will keep... more

12 delicious doggy ice cream recipes

Dog ice cream? Yes, it's really a thing! While you shouldn't feed your pup the real deal, you can whip up a do-it-yourself summer doggy delight and be the best pup parent or dog walker around. Sometimes regular kibble just doesn't beat the heat like a frozen... more

Bland diet for dogs: How and when to use them and recipes to try

Many dogs have sensitive stomachs -- and even those with digestive systems of steel sometimes ingest something they shouldn't, leading to vomiting and diarrhea. A bland diet for dogs may help comfort your best friend during these uneasy times. Dr. Hilary Evans, an emergency veterinarian from the Charleston Veterinary Referral... more

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9 expert tips for choosing the right brand of healthy dog food

Enter any pet food aisle and you’re immediately bombarded with choices — wet, dry, store brand, trendy brand, healthy brand, raw food and more. If your pup is hungry, there’s definitely a fix for that. But how on earth do you choose? Picking a healthy brand of dog food is... more

Diabetes in dogs: From prevention to treatment

Much like their human counterparts, the incidence of diabetes in canines is steadily on the rise. A study by Banfield Pet Hospital of 2.5 million dogs in the U.S. found that diabetes diagnoses increased by 79.7 percent from 2006 to 2015—that’s 23.6 cases for every 10,000... more

ALERT: Euthanasia Drug Found in 4 Popular Brands of Dog Food

A voluntary recall was issued for Gravy Train, Kibbles ‘N Bits, Ol’ Roy, and Skippy canned wet dog food. The J.M Smucker Company is withdrawing several popular brands of dog food after an investigation by a Washington D.C. news station found trace amounts of a euthanasia drug in popular brands... more