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The 10 best pacifiers, according to parents and experts

Whether you call it a binkie, a pacie or a dummy, many parents report that finding the pacifier that appealed to their little one was a highly individual process. What one baby takes to right away, another might reject over and over again. “Honestly, every baby is different in what... more

Common questions about teething at 3 months, answered

Can your baby be teething at 3 months old? While most infants get their first teeth between 4 and 6 months old, it's still perfectly normal for teeth to erupt sooner. In fact, although rare, babies can actually be born with teeth! It's not unusual for teething symptoms... more

4 Activities Your Dog Is Sure to Enjoy

Caring for your furry pooch seems like a full-time job as he/she constantly needs your care, love, and attention. Left alone, your best buddy may vent his/her frustration, boredom, and anxiety by chasing other pets, chewing sofas and shoes, raiding garbage cans, and damaging property. Engaging your four-legged... more

Cuteness Alert: Watch These Service Dogs Graduate

Canine Companions for Independence trains dogs for adults, children with disabilities — at no cost. What’s better than cute pups? Cute pups walking across a stage and donning medals in a graduation ceremony! And not only are these dogs adorable, they also help others! They're assistance dogs, and they... more

Taking a Bite out of Your Pet's Dental Care

How to care for your pet's teeth.   I didn't know it and you might not know it -- but it really is important to brush your cat's or dog's teeth. Dental problems can be painful and have negative effects on an animal's life - just as... more


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Do adult cats lose their teeth?

My cats are both getting old. I expect health problems, but I'm curious about their teeth. Will they lose them as they age?


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Do you brush your dog's teeth?

I've been using a gel that you just apply to the teeth of my dogs (all three of them) and I was wondering if anyone else has used this gel too, or if you actually brush their teeth. Do you brush daily? Once a week?


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Why is my cat's gum red and slightly swollen?

I was petting my cat tonight and noticed that its gum is red and swollen. It doesn't look nasty, but I'm sure it's not normal either. What could be the cause?