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How to Get Poop Out of Everything

You've got baby or dog poop on your favorite couch, shirt, rug -- anything and everything. Is it ruined? No. Here's your poop cleaning guide. This is one of those things you never expected to Google: "How to remove poop from ____[fill in the blank]___." That's... more


10 answers

Is there a way to deep clean my carpet without having to go rent a steam cleaner?

I'm wondering if there's an alternative way to deep cleaning my carpet without having to pay someone to steam clean it or go out and rent one of the machines myself. Is it just as effective, or should I just pony up and go get a steamer?


9 answers

How can I get pet odors out of my couch?

One of my friends pointed out that my couch has started to smell like my dog. What can I use to get rid of the smell, not just cover it up?

Follow These 8 Steps for a Clean House in a Snap

If you consider cleaning your house as picking up your children’s toys, clearing last night’s ice cream bowls from the coffee table or helping your husband’s dirty gym shirt find its way to the hamper, you’re not alone. Most people don’t give their home a proper deep cleaning as often... more


7 answers

What brand of meltable wax scents keeps its aroma the longest?

One of my friends started a new business, and she sells meltable scented waxes. They do smell good, but I don't want to invest if their aroma doesn't last for at least a few hours. What meltable wax keeps its scent the longest? 


13 answers

How should I disinfect the toys in my kids playroom?

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease has been going around our neighborhood. Many of the kids in the neighborhood frequently play at our house. I want to disinfect all the toys. What is the best way to do this?


34 answers

What's the best way to get stickers off glass?

I found a brand new set of glassware in my attic today. It's gorgeous purple, and I can't wait to use it at dinner tonight! There are price stickers on all the glasses, though, and they're really stuck on. Is there an easy way to remove the... more


5 answers

Any tips for getting burnt popcorn smell out of the house?

I invited my girlfriends over tonight, and we had so much fun laughing that we forgot to get the popcorn out of the microwave! Now my whole house smells like burnt popcorn. Gross! What can do to get rid of the odor?