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How to Potty Train Your Child at Night

Help your child wake up dry with these simple tips on nighttime potty training.     Let's face it, one of the best moments in a parent's day is when their child finally falls asleep. Staring at that angelic little face can give you the utmost joy, especially... more

Potty Training Regression: How to Get Your Child Back on Track

Your almost-trained child has started backsliding, and you're starting to lose your patience. What causes potty training regression in children, and how can you reverse it?     You thought that your son was practically trained -- he just had an accident here and there. Suddenly, he's wetting his... more

How to Potty Train a Reluctant Child

Expert tips on how to potty train a boy -- or any child who fights the process -- and how to lessen the stress of potty training, for both you and your little one.     Why is potty training a boy so hard? Perhaps this is a bit of gender bias... more

Potty Training: Some Kids Call for Deeper Understanding

    It's only natural for parents to become jealous when they hear about potty training prodigies who make their final poop in the pants at age two. According to The New York Times, the average age that children nowadays master the art of independent toileting is between 36... more

Royal Flush: Potty Training Strategies That Work

    Forget caring for a newborn's bellybutton. It was easy. Taking away the paci? Challenging, but you made it through. What really instills fear and intimidation in a parent? Potty training. Moms and dads imagine big (public) messes, stressful tantrums and a long, drawn out battle for the... more


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What do if your 2 year old wont go-to the bathroom

My little girl won't go to the bathroom and a preschool needs her to be potty trained do you recommend anything that will help me?

Potty Training Tips: How to Win the Potty Wars

Do you feel like you missed the window on toilet training your child? How to get your kid on his way to elimination independence.     When Kate Motz decided to put her son, Kyle, on the potty at 2 1/2, she felt pressured to have him potty trained... more

DIY Potty Chart: Potty Training Motivation for Your Child

Arguably the most entertaining element of potty training, a DIY potty chart helps track and motivate your child's success. Here's how to make one for your own child to encourage potty training perfection.     There's a lot of conflicting advice surrounding potty training, but most parents... more