Potty training

15 parents reveal the stinky truth about potty training

Potty training. Are moms and dads ever really ready for it (even if their child seems to be)? Sure, it’s great to ditch the diapers for good, but the process, what with its stickers, pep talks and — real talk here — poo. It is a task.  From the... more

5 potty-training strategies that work

What parenting milestone really instills fear and intimidation? Potty training. Moms and dads worry about big (public) messes, stressful tantrums and a long, drawn out battle for the bowl — and sometimes that's just what it takes.  "We started to train Lee when he turned 2 but quickly gave up... more

Potty training tips: How to win the potty wars

When Kate Motz decided to put her son, Kyle, on the potty at 2 1/2, she felt pressured to have him potty trained for preschool.  "I'm a planner mom — I read all the books, watched all the videos and figured I knew all the tricks," says... more

Why potty training regression happens, and how to get your child back on track

Ask any veteran parent, and they’ll tell you: Potty training is no easy task. Regardless of how you go about it, toilet training rarely plays out without wet floors, dirty undies and a few stubborn standoffs. So once your child ditches the diapers, of course it’s cause for celebration. But... more

13 parents share the harrowing madness that is living with toddlers

Toddlers, man. Aren’t they the cutest? The adorable way they squat down to play. The precious ways they pronounce words. Their squishy-mushy kisses! But, also, let’s be real here. TODDLERS ARE INSANE. Like, actually, possibly trying-to-kill-us insane.  Not convinced? Here are 13 tweets from parents about the adorableness and... more

How to potty train your child at night

Let's face it, one of the best moments in a parent's day is when their child finally falls asleep. Staring at that angelic little face can give you the utmost joy, especially since your home is now filled with the sweet sound of quiet! And it's even... more

Hayden Panettiere Tweets Pic of Daughter's Airplane Bathroom Fail

The celebrity’s toddler did help clean up the mid-flight mishap. Traveling with kids isn’t always easy, and one Hollywood actress has the tweet to prove it after her toddler missed the airplane toilet during a March 13 flight. Hayden Panettiere was flying with her daughter Kaya Evdokia when she took the... more

Doting Dad Handles Daughter's Potty Mishap Like a Parenting Pro

The Utah father helped ease the embarrassment factor for the young girl. OK, this guy deserves to win Dad of the Year for his quick-thinking parenting skills. When Ben Sowards got the call that his daughter, Valerie, had an accident at school, he went above and beyond the call of... more