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101 Things to Do When Kids Say 'I'm Bored'

'I'm bored.' Kids love saying it; parents hate hearing it. Banish boredom forever with these 101 kid-tested fun activities. "I'm bored!" No matter whether you're a parent, babysitter or nanny, chances are good that you're all too familiar with this phrase. The question is: How do you handle it? When... more

How to Potty Train Your Child at Night

Help your child wake up dry with these simple tips on nighttime potty training.     Let's face it, one of the best moments in a parent's day is when their child finally falls asleep. Staring at that angelic little face can give you the utmost joy, especially... more

12 Natural Cold Remedies for Kids

Fight pesky colds the healthy way It comes with little warning. One minute your child is romping around and the next, he's stuffy, coughing and whiny with the oh-so-common cold. With more than 200 viruses floating around, it's no wonder the cold is so common. Unfortunately, there's... more

25 Best Games for 2-Year-Olds

Your 2-year-old loves games, but playing games designed for bigger kids can be tough for them. Here are 25 games designed specifically for 2-year-olds. You'll get a kick out of playing them, too!Two-year-olds are starting to master their own bodies and just beginning to learn to cooperate with... more


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What age is a "toddler" considered to be?

I was talking with one of my friends the other day and referred to her 4-year-old child as a "toddler." She told me that he was too old to be considered a toddler, which confused me. I'd always thought that toddlers were 2- to 4-year-olds...am I wrong?

5 Potential Dangers of a Toddler Pillow (and How to Avoid Them)

Is your little one ready for a toddler pillow? If so, learn what dangers to avoid, which pillow to buy and how to keep your little sleeper safe.Your little monkey is moving from a crib to a big kid bed (sniff, sniff), and you've decided it's time... more

The 25 Cutest Toddler Haircuts

Check out these 25 great ideas for toddler haircuts. Find one that suits your little one's own sense of style!So you're finally ready to cut your little one's hair? Don't just settle for the standard toddler trim -- go ahead and try out one of these... more

6 Toddler Activities to Teach Young Kids to Share

Does you toddler hoard all his toys? Teach your little one the art of sharing with expert advice and activities for todders.When it comes to sharing, you lead by example. You make it a point to pass the salt and pepper at dinner, and you cheerfully lend a friend... more