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Being a parent

Should Kids Be Allowed In Nice Restaurants?

Did you hear about the chef who suggested some restaurants not allow kids? Leslie is one of our VPs and had a quick, personal reaction to this controversial topic. Whose side are you on? When my son, Casey, was two weeks old, my husband and I started taking him to... more


30 answers

How can I get parents to take the final step and accept my tutoring Services?

How can I get parents to take the final step and accept my tutoring companies services?   We have 100% State Certified teachers and come to the parents...plus we run offer for the first lesson free and the second one half off... they still don't seem to want... more

7 common disagreements between parents & grandparents — and how to resolve them

Studies have shown that grandparents can positively impact their grandkids’ nutrition and mental health. While many parents acknowledge these benefits and aim to foster a loving bond between children and grandparents, it can still come with bumps in the road. If you feel like you struggle to see eye-to-eye with... more

9 great activities for introverted kids

If your child is shy or introverted, you know that finding an appropriate extracurricular activity can be a challenge. Popular team sports may send them running toward the hills, and after-school programs can cause more anxiety than anything else. “Our culture is biased toward extroversion, so it can be difficult... more

5 fears and facts about co-sleeping

Prior to parenthood, you have it all figured out: Folded onesies neatly line a drawer. A toy chest of adorable stuffed animals decorates a corner of the nursery. And, of course, you have the centerpiece of every newborn baby’s nursery: the crib. Then, the baby arrives and all those best-laid... more

From breastfeeding to pumping: 10 tips for moms headed back to work

When Keyona Grant was preparing to go back to work after maternity leave, her baby did what a lot of breastfeeding moms fear: She refused the bottle. “I tried everything,” says Grant, a certified registered nurse anesthetist and owner of the site Professional Mama. “I left the house, offered... more

6 questions you should never ask new moms

From the moment a little one makes his or her appearance, new moms field a lot of questions. We’re cross-examined by our family, friends, the pediatrician, even people we don’t know. At least once a week, I’ll be sitting in a coffee shop or some other public space with my... more

Are you ready for a 2nd baby? 6 questions to help you decide

If you’re an overwhelmed parent of one child, and hyperventilating at the idea of trying for baby No. 2, you’re not alone. My husband and I — like an increasing number of Americans — sit on the proverbial fence. While we always intended on having two or more children — and... more