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What age is considered "elderly"?

Yesterday, my daughter saw an aging gentleman walking down the street with the help of (what I assumed to be) his caregiver. She asked me why the man needed help and I explained that he was elderly, and sometimes elderly people need a little more help getting around than others... more


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I am wondering what the rate of pay would be for my 14,7,6, and 4 year old if I were to go out of town for a week. All of the children are school aged and the 4 year old goes to preschool half day.

What's Your Day Care Sick Policy?

Should you send your kids to day care if they?re not feeling well? Knowing your day care center's sick policy can help you decide. Your toddler wakes up more tired than usual, with a runny nose and glazed eyes. You take his temperature; it’s 100. You have an... more

The 15 Best Lego Sets for Kids

Discover the best Lego sets for kids ages 3 to 10 and hear from top Lego experts, too.The best Lego sets aren't just the ones that will make your kids squeal with delight once they see the box. The true mark is how they put it together and... more


6 answers

Preschool help Littleton, CO

We are moving to Littleton, Colorado and I'm looking for recommendations for preschools for my soon to be 3 year old.  We are close to the Ken Caryl area so really in West Littleton.  If anyone has any recommendations on a preschool or daycare please let me... more


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How did you decide if you should start a day care service in your home?

I work from home but would like to make a few extra dollars. My children are around when I work and I’ve been thinking about taking care of a couple of extra kids to help make money. How did you decide to start child care services in your home?

New Book Box for Kids Is a Parent's Dream Come True

Literati finds the best kids' books and ships them to you.  Two best friends and major book lovers have created a new subscription service that parents everywhere will love. Instead of roaming the bookstore aisles with your kids, Literati selects the best reading materials for them based on their... more


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What to do if the kid I'm babysitting is competetive and bossy to me?

Thank you for reading my question and giving me the chance to express my feelings about this situation I experience. Im 24 year old university student who doesnt have any particular education about babysitting but it happened to be my job for the last two years. This year i was... more