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20 questions for getting to know your teenager

In elementary school, kids look up to their parents. But during adolescence? Not so much. “Teenagers rebel because they want to be different from their parents, plain and simple,” says Sean Grover, LCSW, author of “When Kids Call the Shots: How to Seize Control from Your Darling Bully and... more

101 Best Kids' Movies on Netflix

Itching for a movie night? Here are the best kids' movies on Netflix that you'll both enjoy. The selection on Netflix can be a little overwhelming -- especially for little ones. At last count, there were hundreds and hundreds of kids' movies all ready to go for your viewing pleasure... more


9 answers

how do I book a job

How to Use Movie Ratings for Kids

You know the common ratings for kids' movies are G and PG, but what do those letters really mean? Here's the low-down on these ratings and how you can tell which movies are appropriate for your little ones -- before you hit the theater.Unlike your childhood, your kids can... more


6 answers

My 9 yr old is begging me to see the new X-men movie rated PG-13 like his friends. Do you think it is appropriate for his age?

i don't think it is appropriate though PG-13 is just a guideline. I feel like some scenes might be really scary for him (and may potentially cause nightmares?). However, a lot his friends have seen it despite being 9 and when I see that, I am less sure of... more

The 5 Best Dine-In Movie Theaters for Date Nights Around Denver

Combine dinner and a movie for a fun, inventive date night! Dinner and a movie is always a solid date night. But what if you’re in a time crunch and the babysitter can’t stay long enough for both activities? (Find one who can! Check out our listings for babysitters and... more


3 answers

How often do you get your baby’s picture taken?

I was trying for every month but I am falling behind. 


3 answers

When is the best time to take a formal family picture?

I want to take a formal family picture of our little family of 3. When is the best time to take a picture? I thought spring would be fun.