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Crazy-easy Halloween crafts kids can create with everyday household items

Having fun making Halloween crafts doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget ordering elaborate materials and kits on Amazon. In fact, you probably have everything you need to make a simple spooktacular craft in your home already. Before the kids hit sugar coma status, let them get creative making... more


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Overnight Rate in Brooklyn?

I want to make an offer to a sitter who would do occasional overnight / vacation sitting for me -- two children (12, 15). I used to pay a service $70 for night hours, 12am to 7am, then add additional daytime hours where needed. This was in Minneapolis. I moved now to Brooklyn... more

The 10 Best Date Night Ideas for Couples in the Twin Cities

Check out these date night hot spots! Everyone needs a little time with their significant other, especially if you have kids. Date nights are good for the soul and give you a chance to reconnect with the one you love without everyday distractions. It can be easy to fall into... more

The 10 Best Outlet Malls for Shopping Near Boston

For back-to-school shopping, holiday buys or everyday indulgences, these outlets can’t be beat. Summer is coming to a close, and for many parents that means back-to-school shopping is on the horizon. Whether your little ones are officially in school or just need new warm-weather gear for the upcoming fall and... more

The 5 Best Places to Go Apple Picking Around Austin

Here’s your guide to the best apple-picking operations in the Austin area! Is there any better signifier of fall than crisp, freshly picked apples? When apple-picking season gets underway, you know you’re in for cooler temperatures and pleasant autumn days -- which can come as a pure godsend after a blazing-hot... more

The best birthday party places for kids of all ages

It’s your child’s birthday, and of course you want it to be special. For some parents, an in-home party is the way to go, but many of us are looking for birthday party options that will spare us the cleanup time and the pressure of entertaining a large group alone... more

14 Cheap Ways to Stuff a Goodie Bag

Tired of your typical throw-away goodie bags? Consider these creative, budget-friendly party favors for your child's next birthday party. With all the stress of planning your child's party, it's easy to overlook the party favors -- but that doesn't mean you have to resort to last-minute junk... more

19 Gluten-Free Halloween Recipes

The gluten-free trend doesn't go away on Halloween. Prepare these recipes that everyone can enjoy.From ghouls and ghosts to goblins and witches, nothing excites the dark side of our imaginations more than Halloween! Tasty treats inspired by the season abound, but finding delicious goodies that are also gluten-free... more