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Overnight Rate in Brooklyn?

I want to make an offer to a sitter who would do occasional overnight / vacation sitting for me -- two children (12, 15). I used to pay a service $70 for night hours, 12am to 7am, then add additional daytime hours where needed. This was in Minneapolis. I moved now to Brooklyn... more


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childcare while on vacation

we are going on vacation with 2 other families and taking 2 college students with us as "babysitters" -- how much should we pay them? The responsibilities would be to be an extra set of hands during the day at the beach, watch them after they go to sleep while we... more

6 parenting styles from other countries we can all learn from

Parenting is hard. Even on our best days, when our children are happy, well-fed, somehow still dressed in unstained clothes and we miraculously manage to get out the door on time, it’s still one of the most difficult jobs around. Most of us struggle daily to figure out the best... more

11 Free Things to Do in Cleveland When Kids Say ‘I’m Bored'

Cleveland is a penny-pincher’s paradise if you’re short on funds but craving some fun! Cleveland is full of options for frugal family outings every day of the year, with four diverse seasons and cultural resources aplenty. Winter flurries and summer thunderstorms won’t put a damper on your fun here! There’s... more


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Do children need to wear helmets on long family bike rides?

My 12,14, and 15 year old daughters don’t wear helmets when riding around the neighborhood, at the park or up and down my street, but I require them to wear helmets when we go on long family bike rides since there’s a greater risk of an accident. My husband and... more

10 Scenic Cider Mills and Apple Orchards in Metro Detroit

Bring the family for a hay ride, corn maze, and fresh apples at these unique farms. Agriculture -- think apples, peaches, cherries, and blueberries -- is Michigan’s second-largest industry. That’s why fruit farms, cider mills, and pick-your-own orchards are so popular around Metro Detroit. Southeast Michigan has some of the finest fruits... more

The 10 Best Free Things to Do Around San Jose When Kids Say ‘I’m Bored’

Here are the 10 best ways to keep kids happy and busy in the San Jose area without emptying your bank account. “I’m bored!” They’re among the words a parent or child care provider without a ton of petty cash dreads the most. But the San Jose area’s year-round... more


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how does nanny get paid if traveling with a family

except all her travel expenses being paid and being provided with a separate room how nanny is paid if she travels with a family and takes care of one child?