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The best way to prep kids for daylight saving time

Two times a year, clocks spring forward or fall back, and the time change threatens to wreak havoc on families’ sleep schedules and sanity. In fact, researchers say a one-hour shift in sleep disrupts sleep cycles for about a week, sometimes longer. This may mean early morning wakeups, bedtime resistance... more

7 proven ways to get your kid down for a nap — without a fuss

You’re wrestling with your kid, trying to get him to take a nap, but he’s throwing tantrums, making excuses and refusing to settle down. Sound familiar? If you’ve made it to this article, you’re probably looking for some solidarity, sanity and maybe just a little peace and quiet. Just know... more


15 answers

When are kids too old to sleep with a stuffed animal friend?

My daughter's 8, and she has a special stuffed bear that's been in her bed with her since she was a baby. I'm okay with it because it helps her sleep and makes her happy, but my husband wonders if she's getting too old for the... more


22 answers

7 month old won't sleep please help?

Hey, my 7 month old daughter is not sleeping at night she will not let me or my wife to sleep, either, between work and babbling baby all night, and no sleep it is very hard to function properly, does anyone have any suggestions? I have tried the whole routine... more

How to Pick the Right Baby Blanket Size

Want to learn how to make your own baby blanket? Here's everything you need to know about the best baby blanket size for each stage.A baby blanket is often more than just a cover to keep your little one warm. Handmade blankets can become family heirlooms that your... more


12 answers

What do you do if your nanny falls asleep on the job?

I work from home once a week and today I heard my 4 month old crying loudly for a while (5-10 minutes). When I checked to see if everything was okay, the nanny had dozed off on the couch and didn't wake up to her cries. She apologized and... more

5 Tips for Using a Baby Swing to Calm Your Baby

The swing seems to magically soothe your crying baby, but how much is too much? Learn the do's and don'ts of this popular gadget.You'd do just about anything to soothe your fussy baby, especially when you're busy making dinner, helping your oldest with homework and... more

The 5 biggest decisions you'll make before your baby turns 1

Like most new parents, I spent a lot of my baby’s first year on the internet. After the baby fell asleep, I was up — sometimes late into the night — researching infant milestones, reading other moms’ experiences and, very often, desperately seeking advice. The first year, I read, was... more