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11 Catchy Jump Rope Rhymes

Teach your child these old and new catchy tunes to pump up playtime.This summer, bring back a classic. Introduce the kids to jump ropes in all their colorful beaded and fringe-accented glory. This old-school toy rope is the centerpiece for several jumping games guided by clever rhymes.Favorite Jump... more


18 answers

What are the best cough drops that actually help you stop coughing?

What are the best cough drops that actually help you stop coughing? My 16 year old daughter is recovering from a cold and still having the occasional coughing fit.

Fun Mommy and Me Classes for Babies and Toddlers

At mommy and me classes, you can play, bond and move with your baby and toddler! As a new mom, you can sometimes feel like you're isolated from the world around you -- stuck in the house with no one but your precious baby to talk to. But it doesn... more

Fever in Children: When Should You Worry?

Fever in children, while scary for parents, is a healthy sign the body is fighting infection, doctors say. Here's what you need to know. That number on the thermometer keeps climbing. Your child's a wreck -- you even more so. Do you give him more Tylenol? A cool bath... more


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Where is Tahini paste located in the grocery store?

I have a recipe that calls for Tahini paste but I can't find it at the grocery store anywhere. Where is Tahini paste kept at the store?


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How can you tell if a baby is warm enough when they sleep?

I always put my daughter in footed pajamas when I put her to bed. I don't cover her in blankets because she is only three months old. There are times when her hands are freezing.

When Do Boys Stop Growing?

All of a sudden, you're staring up at your once-little boy. Here's what to expect as your son grows.When you first brought him home, he was tiny. It's hard to imagine the man he will someday become. Though it's difficult to notice significant changes in... more

When Do Girls Stop Growing?

Those pants you bought your daughter last month are already too short. Is that normal? Here's what to expect as your child grows, and when to expect puberty to set in. There's no doubt about it, there are some positively adorable outfits for little girls out there nowadays... more