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Distance learning and sleeping in: When it’s OK, when it’s not and what parents should know

Whether you’re calling it distance learning, remote learning or online school, chances are your kid’s school day looks a whole lot different these days than it did before the pandemic. And we’re not just talking about kids learning through Zoom and doing chemistry projects on the kitchen counter — for many... more

Parents swear by this popsicle trick to soothe overwhelmed kids

While kids may be small, they’re capable of having big feelings. It’s not unusual for young children to throw tantrums when they’re trying to work through anger or stress, and it can be difficult for kids to cope when they’re anxious, excited or overwhelmed. Tough emotions have only been exacerbated... more

How to deal with election stress: Before, during and after you vote

Well before 2020 brought us COVID-19, protests against police violence, hurricanes, fires and an economic downturn, it was completely normal to feel stressed about politics. A study published last September in the journal PLoS ONE found roughly a fifth or more of 800 respondents reported losing sleep, being fatigued or... more

Why we need to help kids plan for the future now more than ever — and how we can help

From drive-by birthday parties to virtual learning, parents and children are finding ways to adapt to a new, socially distanced world. Individual school districts have had to make their own best possible decision on students returning to class online, in person or via a hybrid model, and many families have... more

14 daylight saving memes for parents that are both funny and painful

It’s finally fall, and parents everywhere know what that means: Time to throw a huge wrench into your child’s sleep schedule and start watching the sunset at 4:00 p.m. Oh, goody! Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a state that doesn’t observe daylight saving time, this is... more

How much sleep do babies, kids and teens need?

Sleep, along with food, air and water, falls within the highest human priorities, according to psychologist Abraham Maslow’s famed hierarchy of needs. But as parents and caregivers know all too well, an adequate amount of sleep is often hard to come by, which can make a child’s life — and... more

COVID-19 vaccines aren't being tested for kids and experts are worried

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the race has been on to create a vaccine. But parents and caregivers who are hopeful that a vaccine may mean a return to “normal” work, school and life might be in for a rude awakening, experts fear. In a recent commentary published in the... more

Early data from open schools looks promising: Here’s what we can learn

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic this summer, parents, teachers and administrators grappled with finding the best way forward into the new school year for students. Based on a number of factors including community spread, each school district had to make their own best possible decision on whether students would return... more