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🤔 What are your favorite activities to do on the first day with a new family? 🤔

Last week we asked you "What do you wish parents knew about your job?" and you had so many great answers!  This week our question is: What are your favorite activities to do on the first day with a new family? 

First day on the job as a nanny? Follow these 7 tips to ensure a smooth start

Starting a job with a new family can be nerve wracking. Will the children like me? Will the dog get loose? What if the parents dislike something I do? If you’re having Day One jitters, you’re not alone. Madison Aucoin, a nanny based in Lafayette, LA, says it’s perfectly natural... more

Everything parents need to know about nanny contracts — and why every family should have one

So, you’ve interviewed a slew of candidates and have finally found the perfect nanny. Now what? Before jumping in and having your nanny start caring for your kids, it’s important to make sure you’re clearly aligned on expectations surrounding this job. A formal contractual agreement can help with that —... more


They just stop responding, and I am so exhausted and frustrated from it. I want to cry!

In the past month 3 separate people searching for care have told me they were VERY interested and I met one, I even went out of my way to tell her all the extra things I would help with, I was very flexible and she seemed %100 ON BOARD with using... more


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Babysitter vs. Part-time nanny for temporary job

If I am looking to hire someone for temporary help only—a one-time period, 16 hours a week (two 8-hour days), for a 16 week period—while I work from home, would that fall under "babysitter" or "part-time nanny"? 


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How much should I pay my sitter for an overnight?

Nannies: Here’s why you should use a nanny contract — and what should be in it

When you start a new job as a nanny, you may have agreed to working terms by a verbal or handshake agreement. After all, you want to establish a good relationship with this family, and asking them to sign a formal contract could feel uncomfortable. Katharine Perry, a 31-year-old professional... more

How to Reimburse a Nanny for Gas and Mileage

If your nanny drives your kids around, learn how to handle car expenses. When you hire a nanny, there are lots of details to work out. For example, driving expenses. Does your nanny drive your kids to school, play dates or activities? Does she run errands for you? If your... more