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    Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    When Your Nanny Isn't Working Out - How to Address The Issue

    No nanny-family relationship is ever perfect, and even when a nanny has been with you for many years, there will always be new issues that crop up. Every now and then you may be faced with a larger issue that calls the entire relationship into question, and that’s what ...

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    Posted 5 days, 13 hours ago

    Parents and Bullying

    I am a parent and I run a nonprofit called Here/Hear that is focused on helping those with mental illness. One of the goals of our nonprofit is to help people who may be suffering from suicidal thoughts or ideation. And, my work and life as a parent collided ...

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    How much do you tip your babysitter?

    I was talking with a friend last night and she said every time her regular baby sitter comes she always tips her about 20%.  Is this typical?  I usually just pay the normal hourly rate.  Do you tip your sitter every time they come?

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    Posted 22 hours, 31 minutes ago

    Find a Nanny with These 4 Tools

    My job is to help my nanny agency and consulting clients find the perfect nanny.  Over the years of dealing with nannies and helping these clients find their match, I’ve come to rely on four basic tools that, in every situation, help my families get exactly what they want – ...

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    Posted 9 hours, 14 minutes ago

    Looking for a Nanny? You CAN Find Your Perfect Match

    One afternoon at one of my “Nanny Know-How” events in New York City, a young woman stood up and introduced herself to the group.  

    “Hi, my name is Karen,” she began. “And I just wanted to say that I am the poster child for how not to go ...