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20 questions for getting to know your teenager

In elementary school, kids look up to their parents. But during adolescence? Not so much. “Teenagers rebel because they want to be different from their parents, plain and simple,” says Sean Grover, LCSW, author of “When Kids Call the Shots: How to Seize Control from Your Darling Bully and... more

The Best 5 Farms for Strawberry Picking Near Chicago

Fill your pails and your pies at these top U-Pick berry patches near Chicago. There’s no better way to greet summer than with a bowl of bright red strawberries – except grabbing the kids and hitting the fields to pick them yourself. And, if you're a parent, babysitter, or nanny in... more

Personal chefs: How much do they cost — and are they worth it?

Americans devote an average of 37 minutes a day preparing, serving and cleaning up after their meals, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That number creeps up to 44 minutes a day for families with kids, totaling more than 267 hours a year spent in the kitchen. For... more


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Where is Tahini paste located in the grocery store?

I have a recipe that calls for Tahini paste but I can't find it at the grocery store anywhere. Where is Tahini paste kept at the store?

3 Modern Takes on Classic Oatmeal Recipes

Total cooking confession: I love oatmeal products. I have eaten oatmeal every work day – for the past ten (or more) years, my favorite cookies are oatmeal raisin and I find that oats create some perfect type of texture to foods. So when partnered with Quaker to create... more

22 easy and Instagram-worthy foods to serve at your child’s birthday party

Your little one is about to turn another year older, and you know what that means: It’s party time! But gone are the days of hot dogs, hamburgers and a simple box cake. These days, many parents spend hours scouring Pinterest for inspiration to create the picture perfect spread for... more

Baby concussion or just a bump on the head? Here's how to tell

No matter how watchful a parent or caregiver you are, accidents happen, and it’s possible that an accident may involve your little one falling and hitting their head. If this should occur, you may fear that your baby has suffered a concussion. The mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when... more

How to balance breastfeeding and pumping

Pumping breast milk — whether you are planning a return to work, or just need a few hours’ break — is a wonderful gift you can give to your baby. But it doesn’t come without stress. Caring for and breastfeeding your baby is difficult enough, but the idea of adding... more