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11 Foods to Serve at a Kid's Birthday Party

These tasty treats will make you the best party-thrower on the block. On the surface, planning a child's birthday party food menu seems like an easy task, but as many parents and experts will tell you, choosing the right food can get tricky. This is perhaps one of the... more

21 Best Low-Sugar Cereals for Kids

Will kids really eat low-sugar cereals? They will when they are this yummy.       Is cereal the only thing your kids are interested in for breakfast? If so, no worries. There are some great low-sugar cereals on the market that are tasty as well as delicious. "Choose a... more

12 High-Fiber Foods for Kids -- That They'll Actually Eat

Getting enough fiber is as important for kids as it is for adults. Here are 12 high-fiber foods that kids won't turn their noses up at.     What would your kid prefer for a snack - a Pop Tart or a cup of bran cereal? High-fiber foods for kids... more

How to Feed a Baby Who Won't Eat: 10 Easy Tips

Having a tough-to-feed baby can be concerning and frustrating. Get your tough customer eating again with these tips.It's time to eat dinner, but for the third time this week your baby refuses to eat his food -- he just won't budge. You're frustrated because you don't... more


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Where is Tahini paste located in the grocery store?

I have a recipe that calls for Tahini paste but I can't find it at the grocery store anywhere. Where is Tahini paste kept at the store?

The 6 Food Groups for Kids

Empower your kids to eat right by giving them a basic nutrition lesson. Here's what kids should know about the 6 food groups and what to eat.     Pop quiz: What are the six food groups for kids? If you can easily answer this question, you're ahead... more

5 Baby Food Safety Tips to Protect Your Little One

When stored or served incorrectly, baby food can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Are you taking the right precautions to keep your baby healthy? Check out these tips to be sure.Just how safe is it to give your baby those leftover pureed peas? Like adults, your baby runs... more


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How do I convert 15 oz to cups?

My sister in law gave me a recipe for pork chops, and it calls for apple juice. I bought a 15 oz bottle of juice before I realized that I need a cup of it. What's the conversion of 15 oz to cups?