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The 5 Best Indoor Mini Golf Courses Around Chicago

Find out where to take the whole family miniature golfing year-round. We can’t deny that mini golf is a classic summer tradition, but sometimes the weather just won’t allow for it. If your family is determined to get a hole-in-one, these all-season, indoor miniature golf courses in the Chicagoland area... more

The 5 Best Indoor Mini Golf Courses Near Boston

These fun-filled courses provide the perfect activity for hot days and rainy evenings.  Mini golf is a classic childhood activity. Long before little ones can tee off on the big green, families can enjoy a day of fun putting around a mini golf course. But in Boston, mini golf... more


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Best kid-friendly places to ski in New England?

I am looking to go skiing more often this winter with my kids.  What are some of the best kid-friendly ski places I can take them to?  We're based out of Boston and open to driving in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

A Holiday Bonus Guide for Your Caregivers

Even in a down economy, it's important to tip your family caretakers. Here's a guide on how much to give. When it comes to showing the love to those who love your kids, your pets, or your aging parents, don't be a Scrooge. Even in a challenging... more

12 gift ideas for all your caregivers

The holidays give us the opportunity to show our appreciation for the individuals we hire to support us in our goals: the people who care for our kids while we're at work, walk our dogs or provide comfort for our elderly loved ones. Take a second and try to imagine... more

8 Fun Snow Day Activities for Kids

Each winter, the same scenario plays out: Parents go to bed with their driveways clear only to wake up the next morning to find it completely covered in snow and ice. Mother Nature's great surprise! Then comes the announcement school has been canceled, leaving mom and dad struggling to... more

6 Winter Olympic Games for Kids

Help kids learn about the Winter Olympics with these fun games. The upcoming weeks will be filled with competition, excitement and suspense for anyone following the Winter Olympics. Instead of sitting in front of the TV for two weeks, get the kids involved in this global event by holding your... more


Do You Give Your Nanny a Holiday Bonus?

A Christmas bonus for a nanny? Yes! Learn why your nanny should get a year-end bonus and what the average bonus is in each state. Your nanny cares for your kids and keeps your life running smoothly all year long. Come December, it's important to say thank you for... more