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Is It Wrong To Ask For A New Hourly Wage If The Job Has Changed?

Yes, you have all right to ask for more pay, you are doing things that were not originally the tasks agreed on for the $8 an hour. The new duties you speak of is definitely a higher pay rate. All you need to do is explain this. But unfortunately people... more

How Do You Get Food Dye Off Of The Counter?

White vinegar could possibly remove it

If You Clean A Home And They Have Bedbugs Shouldn't They Let You Know Ahead Of Time?

Yes, they should definitely disclose this information before you clean so you can make the choice to clean the home.

Is It Necessary To Have Both An Oil Diffuser And An Air Purifier In The Same Room?

Yes, you can use because they do different things. Air purifiers cleans the air from germs, pet dander, all dust etc. Oil diffusers are for scent, aromatherapy or for therapeutic use. Hope this helps Theresa