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Rate Of Pay

Hi I am a pet sitter in Michigan; I usually charge $5-$10 per visit but sometimes the owners will pay more depending on breed, size and all the work that goes into caring for their treasured pets! Have fun with your new assignment!

Cat Pee Smell

I totally am on your side; cat urine smells like no other smell in the world! This smell permeates through carpeting directly to the flooring beneath the carpeting, especially with nothing between the carpeting and original flooring. I would suggest finding the exact spot and removing a small amount of... more

Does Pet Sitting = Pet Boarding?

Hello! Pet sitting can be an either/or situation; you remain in the customer's home to care for the dogs as a professional dog sitter in order to keep the dogs in an environment they know as opposed to go to a stranger's home in a boarding situation... more

How Do I Help My Rescue Not Be So Aggressive And Anxious

Congratulations on your adoption of a maltipoo; these dogs usually are not subject to aggressive behavior as a rule. Your new addition to your family has seen and experienced heart-rending conditions no living person or animal should be exposed to, ever! What I would do in this situation is get... more