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🤔how Do You Deal With Bad Behavior? 🤔

By re-directing the child, and keeping the child busy,When a child is bored they may act out for no reason at all, just to give them something to do. If that does not work, I give 1 warning before I discipline a child but only 1. I use time-out... more

How To Find A Job More Easily??

I am sorry but I won't be much help, because I too am having a very hard time finding a job as well, and I have been babysitting for 34 years.I don't understand what these people are looking for.I have a ton of experience and knowledge... more

Becoming A Nanny...what Are Some Pointers? What Are The Big Differences Between Just A Babysitter And Full Time Nanny?

They may expect you you to do some house cleaning,laundry,meal preparation.drive their children places and maybe helping supervise and care for pets. Also some Nannies live with the family they are working for, such as Alice from the Brady Bunch (just kidding).

For Normal Child Care Aka. In-Home, Do I Need Any Certifications Or Licenses?

If you care for children in your home the state allows you to care for 6 children without being licensed. If you are not licensed you need to make sure your Daycare parents know this. You may also care for 12 children in your home but you must be licensed... more

What Resources Do I Have When Leaving A Bad Family?

I would contact Care.com and let them know about the situation. Maybe they can cancel her membership to Care.com They might even make sure that you get paid. Just remember you always catch more bees with honey but if being nice and professional doesn't work, trying doing... more

Growing Pains?

My son had growing pains as well when he was younger.The pain was also in his legs.I mentioned it to his Pediatrician at his next check up.Apparently it is very common and is nothing to worry about.He just said to give him a pain reliever such... more

💕during An Interview, What Questions Do You Always Ask Families, To Make Sure They Will Be A Good Match? 💕

I usually ask them again, exactly what their expectations are of me, just to be clear. I also verify the schedule and I would ask them if there is anything special they would like me to do with or for their child\children.I also ask about discipline as far... more