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How Can I Help My Mother Decide Which Things She Can Get Rid Of?

I would bring some boxes into the home. I would bring some rubbermaid trunks for her to "Keep" things in and cardboard for removing items. Say, "mom, it is your choice. You have a (or 2) week to make decisions in this room." "Mom, what did you do with all... more

How Do You Go About Hiring Some One To Check In With An Elderly Parent On A Daily Basis?

Friends are wonderful and they do that. So should a church family. If you want to hire someone to do that, I suggest you state that in your job request on By stating that you want someone to stop by may seem tedious to someone who needs full-time... more

Can You Ask For A Back Ground Check On Anyone You Employ To Come An Help With An Elderly Parent?

By all means you should always request a background check if you are letting a stranger in your home or to care for someone you love. A background check could be references, former employees or family members. A "state" or "national" background check will let you know if you are... more

When Do You Know It’s Time To Get Help Taking Care Of An Elderly Parent?

It is definitely time to get help. Self care takes precedence over caregiving for others. Recognizing that you "feel" out of balance probably means that you have been out of balance. Even taking a few hours off and getting away are truly a blessing, a time of recovery. Make sure... more

What Questions To Ask When Hiring Senior Care Giver?

1. Tell me about your mother or your father. 2. How long have you been providing Senior care? 3. Why do you do what you do? Why do you enjoy senior care. 4. My parent (Senior) does this.....would this bother you? Are there things that you can not do... more