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Can I Post A Job As A Caregiver??

I was wanting to post a one-time housekeeping job on my account, but I can't find a way to do so. Do I have to open up an new account entirely just to post a job? Anyone know anything about this? Thanks!   

Do I Need A Background Check If I Have A Current Security Guard Card License?

If you mention that under "Certifications," it may help families decide whether or not to hire you. I would mention that you would be happy to offer proof at interviews. I do believe, however, that getting an "official" Care.come background check probably helps you become more visible and/or... more

Should I Have My Daughter Take A Self-Defense Class?

I began martial arts when I was 13, so around the same age, and eight years later, I'm still doing it :) I think it's important to keep in mind whether or not you want to avoid scaring your daughter, or have her aware that physical assault is an... more

My Son Gets Physical When He Gets Angry. I've Heard That Boxing Or Martial Arts Are A Good Way To Channel Anger, But Aren't They Still Violent Activities?

Hello, Tiara! I am actually an intermediate martial arts instructor who is currently attempting a research study involving children with ADHD and martial arts. I have done some extensive academic literature review on martial arts and behavior. What they have found that while there are always rare exceptions to the... more

Think Your Children Should Learn Self-Defense?

If you want to take a look at my LinkedIn profile, as well:

Any Suggestions To Get My Son To Take More Time On His Homework?

I used to work with a client with severe autism who felt this way about everything I wanted to teach! Something that worked well for me was a visual reward system. It can be as simple as putting stickers on a whiteboard, with a promise of something they want when... more

How Do I Look For Jobs In Tutoring And Child Care?

Hello, Alexandra! There should be a place on your profile that offers to add more skills/talents such as a tutor, housekeeper, etc. Hope that this helps a little! 

Think Your Children Should Learn Self-Defense?

First trial lesson is FREE!!  I have been teaching martial arts as a volunteer instructor for over five years, and am now reaching out to the local community for children and adolescents who are looking for a fun, but challenging, hobby that will help them grow in both dedication, respect... more