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How Much Should I Be Charging?

Fifteen an hour for teaching, lesson planning etc. that is quite horrible if I should share my opinion

How Much Do I Pay Someone To Stay Overnight With My 12 Yo And 9 Yo For 4 Nights?

I'd say a flat rate between $150-$200. Time is money and parents should be happy to pay someone they leave their most valuable assets with or find relatives ( grandparents) who may do it for free or take them with you!

What Should I Do?

Firstly that is way too low of a wage for four children and housekeeping, I think it's time to look elsewhere..

🌴how Do You Handle Asking For Time Off For The Holidays? 🌴

It's best to get an idea before hand, always communicate effectively, I'd say via email or text so there'll be a record, sometimes things are miscommunicated or misunderstood. As much as we need an income we also need time with family. I always let an employer know... more