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How Much Should I Charge To Nanny This Family?

Infants are a little more difficult to care for than toddlers (in my opinion) I would charge $25-$35/hour.

How Much Should I Ask To Be Paid By The Hour? (What Do You Ask If Your A Nanny Or If You Are A Parent How Much Would You Like To Pay)

Base your price depending on your experience, the amount of children, age group and where you live. I live in PA and I charge 10-25 dollars depending on age and the amount of children.

Is The "salary" Fair?

I personally think that this is not too much. I grew up with 8 siblings so I am familiar with this amount of work. You have to keep in mind that everyone is different. Some people can't handle that amount of work and that's why you have to... more

How Much Should I Pay For Daycare Pickups?

I think that including gas money is a nice thing to do. You should base the price on how far the daycare is from your home.