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Advice On Hiring 24 Hour Care -


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Live-In Care Vs. Assisted Living?

Live in caregivers have to be checked out thoroughly if you don't know one. Try someone in the family first. Background checks are a must. Don't let anyone talk you out of one. Making her home more accommodating for her age requirements and disabilities is something you will... more

My Daddy Has Early Dementia And His Health Is Failing! We Have Inhouse Care For Him Right Now But Not Sure How Long That Will Last. My Question

Contact your nearest" Area on Aging" Or DHSS . The home will have to be sold if it is in his name( In most states) So that's the biggest first.

How Can I Talk To My Mother About Down Sizing?

That is very difficult because that is her home. Get some pointers from a psychologist if you can. I am sure there are websites out there on "HOW TO APPROACH A PARENT ON GETTING A SMALLER HOME". Probably the AOA( Area on Aging)or DHSS ( Dept. on Health and Senior... more

How Can I Help My Mother Decide Which Things She Can Get Rid Of?

That's a tough one. Things cherished go in one spot. And things not used in the last year or two, go.

Is A Garage Sale A Good Way To Help My Mother Make Some Extra Money?

That is up to you. It won't make you a fortune, but depending on what you sell, it will give you some extra $. Look up a website for "how to do a garage sale" . IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT HOW TO GO ABOUT DOING ONE.

How Do You Go About Hiring Some One To Check In With An Elderly Parent On A Daily Basis?

You just want them to check in? Money talks. Sadly even for care of someone. That is difficult to hire someone just to" check in." It isn't really a "job". It will be a time that someone can if they work, not a time you want. Or you can... more