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Can You Ask For A Back Ground Check On Anyone You Employ To Come An Help With An Elderly Parent?

You should ask for a background check. That's your love one you are looking out for.

When Do You Know It’s Time To Get Help Taking Care Of An Elderly Parent?

There you already answered your own question. Things are out of balance. Get help so you don't get care giver fatigue.

What Are The Best Type Of Meals To Make And Freeze For An Individual?

Ask her what her favorite meals are or try cooking meals you remember her cooking.

Stubborn Older Father.

Start small maybe fix him a healthy dinner. Go do something with him that he enjoys, like fishing.

How Do I Help My Father Accept Help?

Hire a person of his choice to assist him so he can remain at home. Make him part of the process.

How To Provide New Caregivers With Funds To Grocery Shop, Pick-Up Items For Senior.

Set up a PayPal account and send them money from one PayPal account to the other. If they have facebook you can send money to their PayPal instantly free.

How Do I Know Its Safe To Go To Someone Else's House For A Job?

You don't. Tell someone where you are going.

What Is The Cost Of Companion Care For Elderly People Living Alone?

I see it start at $10 hour and go up from there.