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What Type Of Dog Breeds Are Best For Cats?

I don't think that it's a breed specific thing but up to each individual dog. Maybe not do Rottweiler, Doberman, or German Shepard. I have had those breeds growing up and they didn't get along with cats.

House Training Puppy

You might try to reward when he goes outside with praise and a treat.

What To Charge For Cats?

If you're just going to their house to empty litter box and feed, I charge 20 per visit.

Spayed Cat Still Goes Into Heat

It probably wasn't a complete spay. I don't think there is a health issue. You could always ask the receptionist at your vet.

My 9 Year Old House Broke Pit Bull Starting To Pee When I Come Around

Have there been any changes in living situation or routine? Is she sensing any added stress from you? Just would look at things like that.

Rate Of Pay

I would think 40.00 if they live close.

Boarding Dogs When Your Own Dog Gets Jealous!

I think that dogs are like us in that we don't like certain people and it is the same with dogs. My dog doesn't like small dogs but loves bigger ones! go figure.