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Stuck Inside On A Snow Day? 25 Things To Keep You Entertained

    Snow days can be so fun and exciting! Waking up to falling snow, schools sending out notices of classes being cancelled and an unexpected day (or two) at home with the kids might be just what you need. But after a few hours of being stuck indoors, one can become stir crazy and kids can become bored rather quickly. Here are some easy, fun and quick suggestions for activities that you can do while on your snow day staycation to keep you and your entire crew entertained! Whatever you do on your snow day, make sure that you enjoy it and the company around you.


  • Make a snowman! It goes without saying, this has to be done when on Snow Day precautions. To up the ante, create a contest with your kids and family to see who makes the best snowman.

  • Stay in your PJ’s all day and watch endless movies.

  • Make homemade play dough or salt dough to design ornaments and bake them.

  • Build a fort out of blankets and couch cushions.

  • Have an indoor picnic or tea party.

  • Get to baking! Make your favorite cookies or bread recipes. Your entire house will smell amazing!

  • Have a board game tournament.

  • Play cards

  • Make “snow cream” ice cream

  • Color on free printable coloring pages you can easily find online

  • String together popcorn garland and decorate the house. You can later hang outside for birds

  • Have a pretend fashion shoot

  • Make snow angels outside

  • Go sledding or skiing.

  • Have a neighborhood snowball fight

  • Catch up on your reading or choose a new book to delve into

  • Exercise or practice yoga to get that relaxation in

  • Write letters to grandma and grandpa!

  • Learn to play chess

  • Plan your next vacation for the family and book online. Choose somewhere warm!

  • Clean out closets and choose items to donate to other families or charity

  • Make a new iPod playlist with all your favorite songs or albums

  • Have a Karaoke contest and practice singing

  • Start a blog!

  • Get some much needed shut eye - rest rest rest!



Lacey Noland is called many names - Mama from her 3-year-old twin daughters, "Duchess" from her husband, Coach and "Lou" as nicknamed by her sisters. From Ocean Springs, Mississippi, she is a contributing writer for Her View From Home , contributor to Teetertot.com as well as a contributor to Parents & Kids Magazine .She is head writer/editor of her personal blog, Lou Times Two :: Lifestyle & Parenting blog . You can find her at her blog or on Facebook , Twitter , and Google+

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