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The Care.com Babysitter's Guide to Surviving Snow Days With Kids

Snow days are inevitable. Here's a list of articles to help you handle the situation with ease.

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"Snow Day."

When you're a kid, that phrase is like GOLD to you. It means, among other things:

  • No school;
  • No homework -- or a chance for you to do the stuff you "didn't get around to doing" the night before;
  • No after-school activities;
  • No after-school tutoring;
  • And did we mention no school?

But when you're an adult -- specifically, one who works in child care for a living (we're lookin' at you, babysitters and nannies) -- that phrase gives you a whole new sensation: "dreadiness."

(ICYDK, "dreadiness" is a mixture of happiness and dread.)

On the one hand, you're pumped for snow days! It means that you get to hang out with your favorite kiddos, play fun games, make awesome crafts -- and the extra cash in your pocket doesn't hurt, either.

On the other hand, you know that -- depending on how bad the snow storm actually is -- there's a good chance that the kids will have to stay indoors all day...and thus an even better chance that they'll succumb to cabin fever soon. How will you keep them entertained all day?

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At Care.com, we've heard all of these concerns before and we've got you covered. To help you survive snow days with  kids, we've put together a list of articles that will help you answer all of your Who? What? Where? and When? questions.

Care.com Community Member Suggestions


Safety Considerations

Snow Day Activities -- for Outdoors and Indoors

Indoor Activities


Snow Day Crafts

Want more ideas? Check out our full list, or visit our Pinterest page!

Tips for Babysitters and Nannies

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